Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I LOVE looking at everything in life with the knowledge that
we have a CHOICE!!!

We do not have to live the life of a puppet!
There isn't someone out there saying what we must do,
which way we must turn,
when it's time to begin
or time to bring it all to a close.
You are NOT attached to strings that another must pull!

We get to call the shots...
We get to say how our life will be,
who will be walking through our days with us,
and how we wish to live our lives...
We have the right to decide which dreams to chase,
and which goals in life are truly priority.
It's a beautiful thing to exercise your right to make choices for yourself...
If you haven't tried your hand it...YOU really should!!!
You'll LOVE it, I just know you will!

As I pondered this little photo at the top of the page,
I REALLY wanted to be able to announce to the world that
I have had it totally together and that I
choose #2!!!  Sounds good, eh???

The honest side of me will now take over and share
The Rest of the Story!

I have typically found myself quite guilty of CHOOSING #1...
Forget Everything And Run!!!
I am the MASTER
(yes, I own that title!)
at forgetting,
and when all these things fail to do the trick,
when I can no longer escape inwardly,
I have chosen to RUN like the dickens!!!

I am courageously tackling #2
in a much more consistent manner!

Face Everything And Rise...

I look at it this way...
"It "
(whatever the it is at the time ~
whatever Fear I am forced to deal with)
is likely to hang around for quite some time...
Sooooooo ~
If I just go ahead and take a deep breath,
muster up a bit o' courage from deep inside 
and face that ugliness head on...
I will RISE above that hard challenge
and chalk "it" up to one more thing 
I've not let stand in my way...
It is time to Face those Nasty, Pesky Fears
and let 'em know I refuse to RUN anymore!

So, now it's your turn...which do you typically choose???
If you find yourself consistently choosing #1,
I invite you to join me in Rising above it all...
Give up the Run, friend...
it's all too exhausting
and far from rewarding!

I wish I could give credit to the attachment above...
but I haven't the foggiest idea who it came from...
so to whomever created ~ Nice Work and Thank You!!!