Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy and Sad Times...

What a weekend!

Started my Friday out with a visit to a sweet friend and her kiddos that we haven't seen in way too long...had a walk down memory lane as we visited her horses and cows ~ just a tad difficult and heart wrenching.  Made me wish for my days in the country again with our property and space to run.  BUT I AM GRATEFUL that we have a nice home and that all is no more whining about that!!!

Later that day...


I didn't even add in the MOST EXCITING NEWS!
I can't believe I've forgotten to share...
Guess what I am now the very, very happy owner of???

Can ya guess???

Want me to give you a hint?
it's yellow!

That might be enough for some of you!

If not,
please let me go on...
and it's adorable!

And when I put the top down
my hair flies all about...

Do you know what it is yet???

Okay, let me give you some more...
People drive past me slugging each other
and I giggle...(i know that's horrible, but I cannot help myself!)
It is, by far, the very happiest thing on the road!!!

I am now (after so many years of dreaming about it!)
the very happy owner
of the happiest YELLOW SLUG BUG ever!!!!!!!!!

Pictures coming in my next post...
Right now it's just hanging out in the garage,
and garages do not offer the best backdrop for such adorableness!

Okay, back to my weekend...

Well, after leaving my friends house,
(all my girlies in tow...
little ones in the backseat, arms high in the air.
loving the wind blowing through their hair ~
Can't you just picture the happiness???)

Next thing on the agenda,
a wedding reception in another very happy place...

The happy couple was married earlier that day
and the reception was held at The Boise Train Depot ~
one of my very happiest memories is there...

My hubby and I were married
by the ponds,
so beautiful!
We went to the reception, mingled, enjoyed great company,
even took a ride up the elevator to the bells and looked out over the city ~
it was perfect!
And then we added to the PERFECTNESS of it all
by visiting "OUR ROCK" overlooking "our pond"...
and my dear hubby said,
"I did and I still do and I'd do it all over again!"

Oh my gosh, I love that man!!!

Then we had a date night.
We went with some friends, it was a blast ~
full of craziness...
I had best save that story for another post.  :)

this was a little bit harder day.
Beautiful in it's own special way.

I took my little girls to a musical titled,
"Through Emma's Eyes"...
This was the story of a Emma Smith  ~
she is someone I have grown to love and admire...
while at the same time I have not always understood her.
I can't even say that I should try to understand her heart after all that she was given to heart breaks for her when I think of the trials she suffered; losing one child would be more than any mother could stand and she lost many and then suffered the loss of her husband.
This musical was worthy of a box of tissues!

After seeing the musical of Emma, my hubby and I went for another visit.
We have a very dear friend who is giving her best fight against CANCER.
DANG CANCER anyway!!!
It is a tough fighter...not willing to give a break at all!
Can I just tell you how much I hate cancer???
I hate it,
I hate it,
 I hate it!!!!!!!

I hate what it is doing to our friend,
what it is doing to her family,
her children...

She has been given very little time left to live
and had always dreamed of going to Hawaii...
she was even given a trip to Hawaii as a Christmas present,
but her health prevented her from going...
her wonderful family
brought HAWAII to her!

Saturday evening she was surrounded by friends and family ~
enough to fill an entire church building.
We saw so many old friends
there were enough tears in that room to water many a garden!
Tears of joy as we remembered times with Dorene,
tears of sorrow as we look at what Cancer is doing to her,
and more tears of sorrow as we know what is to come.

Yet, as I say all of this...
I hold out hope.
Her 12 year old son holds out hope,
he believes that Heavenly Father will answer his prayers and that she will receive a miracle...
I pray with all of my heart that her little son is right.
And if not, I pray that her family will find peace and know that they can be with their sweet Momma again.

Stupid Cancer!!!

Sunday morning brought more happiness...
Our little grandbaby, three weeks old today,
was blessed in Church yesterday ~ Easter Sunday.
He is so darling!

Then Easter Dinner at our home with all our kiddos
and my grandbabies
my mom and dad
and my sister and her family.

That evening we sat out on the grounds of the temple as our daughter (and the Boise Institute Choir) performed an Easter Tribute.  It was beautiful and a perfect way to end Easter Sunday.

And now...
it is Monday
back to school
and work
and life
and all...

As I woke early this morning,
my hubby said,
"Jump out of bed
and enjoy this beautiful day
because you can..."

And with all that I saw this weekend,
I will do just that...
I will enjoy another day
and be grateful for it
because I can...