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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Those Greeks knew how to do it!!!

After a very joyous month of learning about the Ancient Greeks, the geography of Greece, the Greek Gods and Goddesses, the architecture, and the customs and cultures of the various city-states...

it was time to have a PARTY!!!!

~ Greek Style ~ 

Well, Of COURSE!!!

Pictured here are my four youngest kiddos...
the only ones I could actually get into a toga...
the other ones couldn't believe I would PROMOTE wearing togas...
it's all good and innocent and fun!
If you are wondering what my little guy is doing ~
 he is depicting "The Thinker"

~ we all laughed because he decided to go with a little clothing instead of doing it in the buff!!!

What would a party be without food?

This amazing layout of Greek foods included:
Chicken Souvlaki
Greek Festival Lemon Rice Pilaf
Greek Potatoes
Greek Salad
Pitas and Hummus
Falafels and Tzatziki
Figs and Dates and Grapes
and to top it all off ~ Baklava!

I'm tellin' ya...THIS was some fabulous food!!!!!
The Greeks know how to eat!

Music and Dance?
YOU know it!!!  Again, what good would a party be without music and dancing???

We threw in a little learning time ~

We had a Greek Herb Identification Station...

We had several dried herbs for them to see and 5 bottles of oils (also herbs) for them to smell.  The task before them was to do their best to identify what they saw or smelled.

Little noses were turned up here and there as they sniffed,
many were surprised by the contents.
It was fun to see how many of the herbs were familiar to the kids...great exercise!!!
I, for one, might never tire of such savory sniffs...yum, yum, yum!!!

All parties need a little creating ~
Each of the kids tried their hand at decorating Greek Pottery...

The pottery of the Greeks was painted showing significant historical events,
it often included paintings of their gods or goddesses,
and was full of geometric designs.
We decided to use Paint Pens, rather than messy paint and brushes.
Clean up was a cinch!!!
Paint pens and small terra cotta pots ~ PERFECT combination!

Their designs were so varied and so fun...
it was fantastic to see the work that they put into these!!! Kids LOVE to be creative!

They also had the opportunity to make Greek Theater Masks ~
one for comedy and one for tragedy...
again ~ they came up with some great designs!

I have to admit, I am feeling just a little sad to move on...
the study of the Ancient Greeks was fascinating, to say the least!

We enjoyed our time with all our co-op friends who meet with us twice a week ~
these days make learning a BLAST!!!

I think Zeus and Apollo will be favorites here for years to come...
And we'll probably always reflect back to what we've learned about the architecture of the surrounds us!

The influence that the Ancient Greek Civilization has had on the Western Civilization abounds ~
so many gifts were handed down to us:
to name just a few...
Theatre ~ Comedy, Tragedy, Satire
Greek Columns and Architecture
Fables, legends and myths ~ we had a great time reading through many of Aesop's Fables ~ the best part of spending time in these fables was the opportunity to dig into the "moral of the story" and how significant they can be!
Trial by Jury
Roots of Democracy
and ancient inventions such as the ice house -- the first being built by Alexander the Great!

Time to switch gears a little and dig into CHINA...
What would February be without a little China New Year Celebration???

I really do have the BEST JOB EVER!!!