Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Looking for a way to keep your blog organized?

Try out a PLANNER!!!

Yeah, I know...novel idea...why didn't I think of it before???

I use a planner for our business, for my homeschooling and for our family life...but sadly never considering using one for my beloved blog.

Well, lucky for me April Starr
at The Flourishing Abode
did the work and is sweet enough to share it with all of us!

Let me tell you all about my experience with this wonderful little blog planner...

I had never considered the idea of having
an organized space for my thoughts, notes,
wishes, future dreams, etc. for my blog ~ 
until this handy little blog planner entered my life!

I recently joined
The Mosaic Reviews Team

and our first "assignment" was to choose from ten different blog planners.
THIS was NOT an easy decision!!!

But I finally chose the one that I knew would work best for me.
It is relatively simple, which is one of the reasons I loved it!
The other thing that appealed to me (Greatly!)
was the "feel" of the page!

I REALLY do LOVE my this spoke to me in a BIG way!!!

The Flourishing Abode

I love the fact that one page is all I need for an entire week!

Having this blog planner has given me new thoughts and new hope as I look at my blog and what I hope to do with it in the very near future.

And IF I utilize it to its fullest...
I will no longer be searching the napkins in my purse, 
the notes scribbled in every scattered notebook on my desk 
or the backs of envelopes that have all been desperately written on; 
for as some of you may readily agree-- 
there are times when the perfect thought just comes to you and it MUST be written down so as to never be forgotten!

I LOVE this planner...and honestly wouldn't change a thing about it!
AND if you need one more reason to love it...I have it for you!!!
IT'S FREE!!! How great is that???

Just click on this handy little link and can be yours with the simple click of your mouse!!!

A huge THANK YOU to April for her beautiful work!
I would also suggest taking a peek around her blog ~ but I will give you a warning ~ 
LEAVE PLENTY of TIME for yourself 'cause you are not going to want to leave!!!

Now if you'll excuse me... I have some blog planning to do! ;)