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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stay Strong Momma...


Life is just full of refining moments!

I am breathing deeply and calmly and trying to give myself a gentle pat on the back for standing for what I know I must do as the Mom of this family.

It is sooooo hard to be strong and to stand firm on the issues that are just worth standing up for, especially when kids just cannot seem to understand or see why certain things matter.

I have a son, actually three of them,
that are amazing motorcycle and downhill bike riders...
this is a wonderful blessing to them
while at the same time being a horrid curse.


Well, for the simple reason that most all of the "RACES" that really mean anything are held on Sundays.
Sunday is a sacred day for our family...
and it is being CHALLENGED
in a very ugly manner.

I am staying strong,
because I believe with all of my heart that our Sundays need to be a day for our family,
a day for attending church,
a day of reprieve from the rest of the week...
It's the one day of the week that I get all of 'em to myself!
Life is so busy and so full and they are all running this way and that way and I can't keep up.  Sunday is our day to catch up with one another and to enjoy our time together, it's my day to just have all my little chicks safely under my wing.
It's my happy place
and by darn it...
they (whomever "they" are)
have the need to put all of this exciting stuff on this special day.

My boys,
especially one of them at this point,
who is way too good for his own good,
is fighting us in a big way...he is still respectful, but just does not get why we have to limit him...why our beliefs have to limit his choices.

He just wants to be racing,
he believes that if we would let him do the whole "circuit" he could be top in his class or next to...and without doing the entire circuit he doesn't stand a chance...
he feels like our choices are ruining his life!


He doesn't feel that I am listening to him
or hearing him
or that I care about what he wants.

my dear hubby
is away for work...
so it's just me
trying to hold it all together.
Trying to reach this sweet boy of mine
who is so frustrated with me.
Right now this is the ONLY thing in the world that he really loves or dreams of doing...

am I dashing his dreams?
am I holding him back?
am I doing the right thing?

How would you explain to your son that Sunday is just a different day and you really wish to keep it special?
Would you give in?
Would you Stand Strong?
Would you go and be the Momma on the side of the track rooting for your boys?
Or would you just tell them how much you love them and for that reason you must not give in?
 How do you explain to teenagers that you, their Mom, know what is best for them?
They think they know it all
and you just don't get it...

Oh my gosh!!!
I would LOVE your help, your ideas, your suggestions...
Please take a moment and share your thoughts with this mom who just doesn't know all the answers right now!
If you can solve all my problems, I promise I'll bake you a delicious batch of cookies...