Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Shall I...

Trying to decide what to do...

Shall I hang some festive decor with my kiddos?
Shall I do a little reading?
Shall I clean up the kitchen and prepare some MORE food?
I'm thinking this family needs to eat wayyyy too often...

Shall I hang up some vinyl lettering on my walls?
Shall I hang up clothes...
that's what I should do,
but hanging vinyl sounds like so much more fun!
That's another thing I think this family does too much of...
wearing clothes and then getting them dirty!
But I guess I'd prefer they didn't walk about in a naked sort of way, so I probably better sneak in a little laundry.

Back to my "Shall I's"...
Shall I go outside and enjoy the sunshiny weather?
Shall I watch a talk from General Conference?
Shall I work on the super fun project I am showing next week at a retreat?
Shall I finish preparing the menu of yummy food for the retreat next week?

or shall I just sit on my big ol' hiney and hang out doing nothin' at all???

It has been a busy week and I think I'm a bit tuckered...
The good news is that I am doing a little more and a little more each day
and I seem to be able to stay up a little longer and a little longer day after day.

The silly dizziness continues ~ but it could be worse!
I choose to look at it as
my very own FREE amusement park...
filled with all the crazy rides
my heart could ever desire
Who else can go on a roller coaster ride several times a day?
Who else has butterflies just like the ones you experience on the huge Ferris wheel while simply riding in the passenger seat of the car?
Who else feels like they are hangin' out on the tilt-a-whirl when it's at it's twirly best?

Yep...that's my life! 

A little earlier today, I brought the ladder out of the garage because I wanted to hang a few Halloween decorations up on the front of the little girls promptly came to my rescue,

Pfftt...NO WAY!!!
Two little girls on a BIG ladder = one major disaster!
I think I am the better of the two choices, but with my luck the tornado (in my head) would come on with a vengeance and I would likely have a great fall just as our little friend, Humpty Dumpty did.  And I'm quite certain all the kings horses and all the kings men would not be a bit happy with me as they tried to put me back together...

So the ladder sits
until someone BIG and CAPABLE comes along.  :0)

Speaking of BIG and CAPABLE...
the reason this crazy time is do-able, or at least kind of okay in my book...
is because of my hubby and big kids who just keep giving and giving,
I should also say my little ones, cause they are mighty outstanding, too!

And I have THE VERY BEST FRIENDS in the world!!!

If I have a need, there is ALWAYS someone right there willing to help out or to give me a wonderful phone call just when I need it most...I am one lucky girl!
Thank YOU...YOU each mean the world to me!!!

Well, I'm thinking it's time to get off my duff and do something...
Still not sure What I Shall Do...
but I am certain it Shall be Great,
cause I've got some great kiddos waiting for me to come play!!!
So I guess I've answered my own question ~
I shall go play!  :0)
Sounds like the perfect thing to do on this sunny Friday afternoon!