Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1st...what a great day!

This morning we did our little "New Month" was our new calendar numbers up (made 'em out of hearts for this month...adorable!), theme, values, focus, unit study, and memorization are all front and center in our minds for the month...looks great posted up in the school room all bordered in pink and red (such appropriate colors for this month, don't ya think?!)  and the kids had a great time helping out.  They are excited for a new month ~ and for the little ones ~ it's extra exciting when it's the LOVE month...they love all the sweet, mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey stuff, so it's gonna be a blast around here!

We started out the month in the best way possible ~ after our morning of school/party (heavy on the party side), we decided to head to McCall to check out the ice sculptures.  What a beautiful day...the sun was shining so brightly, at one point I actually put my visor down to block the sun from coming into my eyeballs and then I promptly pushed it right back hiding any sunshine from me...let it all come in and I will soak up each and every drop!!!  My hubby and kids think I'm a bit weird, cause I not only did this action, but I had to make a "big deal" out of it, not really realizing I was doing it, until they were laughing at me.

We decided to park the car and brave the freezing cold weather, again, it was bright, sunny & beautiful, so we were totally willing to be a little cold...we made our way out on the frozen lake quite a ways (against my better judgement, especially when we could see cracks in the snow/ice, but my hubby assured me we would be just fine, so I put on that little smile and guess what, we were all fine ~ whew, I was glad to be back on ground and not on water, even if it was frozen!)  We then decided we had better head into town to walk around for a bit before we all became permanent additions to the Ice Sculpture show...I could hardly feel my legs by the time we returned to our van!!  And with my scarf wrapped tightly around my face so that I wouldn't breathe in too much cold air, I was ready for a little freedom...

As far as sculptures, there were few this year, but some of them were spectacular...

I always love this time of year and love our little tradition of heading up sometime during the week to take our kids for a day trip.  Maybe I love the spontaneity of it all ~ don't know that it's ever truly been planned, one of us just wakes up in the morning one day and says, "Hey, how 'bout we head to McCall" -- we proceed to pack it all up and make it happen...those are just the best days!

Tomorrow, sometime I am hoping to post what our plans for February are...
Was planning on it now, but it is time for prayers with kids and lights out...this is one tuckered momma!