Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crazy Women!!!

This afternoon I was having a conversation with a few friends...well, one of them made the comment to me that she'd been reading my blog and then needed to confess that she later had to go to her husband because she was feeling so badly...???
Well, her reason for feeling badly is that she was comparing herself to me...
Hmmmm....well, I can look at this lovely friend of mine and compare myself to her and feel the same dismal, gray feeling toward me as she had experienced about herself.
Is that just crazy, or what???
We are peculiar, us women...
Why is it such a common thing for women (maybe men do it, too, don't really think so though!) anyway, why do women constantly compare themselves to others?
And it's not like we pick a comparison that makes us feel better about ourselves, we always pick one that we can really pick ourselves apart with...
I have found in myself and in sooooo many other women that we always
compare our weakness to anothers strength...
Why do we do this?

Then we feel bad,
we tear ourselves apart,
we beat ourselves up,
we wonder why we can't be as good as so and so...

This has just been running through my mind all evening --
This friend of mine, that I love to pieces by the way, is such an incredible person. 
Her strength, her spirit, her testimony, her abilities, her courage, her sweet loving personality, her kindness, her goodness I think I could go on about her forever...I've watched some of the things she's done and I've marveled knowing that I could NEVER have the strength or the courage to deal with what she has been faced with.
I watch as she jumps in with both feet and tackles the world and comes out on top...she faces her fears like none other...just today one of her big fears has been to hold a co-op in her home and just a little over an hour before our co-op was to start (at my house) she called and said she just really needed to do this at her house.  I was so proud of her! 
I remember the day I found out she taught spin classes at the Y...and all I could think to myself was, I think I'm gonna die hanging out in the back of a spin class and I'm overjoyed with myself if I could make it through a whole class in one piece and she's up front running the whole thing...WOW!!!
I've compared myself to her countless times and yes, I've done the same thing she just did to herself, I found a strength of hers and compared it to one of my weaker points...
what good did that do me??? NONE!!! 
Just as it does her no good to find something I am good at and compare it to a challenge for herself.  It only makes us feel bad and none of us need that lousy feeling hanging around...we need to be thinking happy thoughts!!!

I just hope that as others read the things I put in my blog (or in anyone else's blog) that no one goes away feeling the way this adorable friend of mine has felt, cause I'm tellin' ya, I'm sure I have the exact same feelings toward you...I KNOW without any doubt that I can find something you are better at than me and I will beat myself up over it...I keep working on it, trying to see my good qualities and not worry about those things I'm not so great at.  It's a process and it takes time...
I think we all need to know what others think of us because we don't always see ourselves as quite as wonderful as we really are, we are our toughest judge!
Let me tell you how amazing I think you are ~ I'm ready!!! 
Give me a shot ~ if there is one thing I really love to do, it is to make other people just makes me feel happier. 
Wishing you the happiest, sun~shiniest week ever!!!