Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, February 4, 2011

February Goodies!!!

No I am not talking about the kind of goodies you enjoy eating, but the goodies that homeschool moms love...the ideas that help us create our own ideas for our families...

So here is the list of what the Lytle Family will be doing for February (Drum Roll Please!)...

Value for February  ~ Love, Relationships & Respect (What better month than February to focus on this's definitely a goodie!!!)
Devotional Theme ~ Tell Me the Stories of Jesus  (one more month on this one)  Don't know if I mentioned this one before, but I just took out all of the pictures I have and hung them on the lower wall in our school room so they would be front and center in our minds.  Then we talk about the stories that go along with the kids are LOVING this!
Unit StudySeasons, Months, Holidays & Weather (At the end of the month, we, meaning our three youngest kiddos and myself, will be challenging the three older kids and Dad with their knowledge of Why we have seasons and weather and such...should be fun!!!)  We got 'em last month with the Penguins and Polar Bears...they totally thought they lived together and that Polar Bears eat Penguins.  Can't wait to find a way to stump 'em this month...hehe... I know I am rotten!
Focus & Memorization ~ The Living Christ
~ I saved this one for last.  This is BEAUTIFUL!  It will take us longer than a month to memorize, it is stinkin' long, but it will be so worth memorizing.  The reason for memorizing?  Well, for one, I truly believe it will build their testimonies as we focus each morning on the life of our Savior...I'll let you know how this one is going.  It will be a doozy for the little kids and for me.  My brain just does not retain everything near as well as it used to.  But I am one for making it happen if it is important to me ~ and this watch out...I will be reciting to myself please don't think I'm a crazy lady if you see me talking to myself!  There is a fabulous link for this with the most precious pictures ever, you are sure to love 'em!  This is a free download, just look on the sidebar for The Living Christ and you will have many choices of how you'd like to present this to your kiddos. 
I printed out the version that has 4 "slides" Memorize "The Living Christ" with picture helps
on each page and we memorize that over a week and then add the next block of 4.  The pictures REALLY help the kids to be able to memorize.

So, there you have the Focus areas we plan to work on for the month. 
Oh, how could I have forgotten this one ~ Field Trips ~
We've gone on one ~ To the McCall Winter Carnival...what a fun day.
We also have another planned to visit a bowling alley and go behind the scenes...don't you think it sounds awesome to see what happens to all those bowling pins when they go flying about?  Well we plan to find out!  Working on a couple of other field trip ideas...If you would like to join us for field trips, send me a message and I'll be happy to give you details...

Well, I think that is about it for our February Goodies...I may remember a couple more and if so, I'll be sure to add them on.