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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Magical Moments

The Christmas Program at church today was so beautiful...I think I cried through most of it! The talents people are blessed with amaze and delight me! I feel so much gratitude at the blessing I have of attending church each week and mostly the weeks prior to and just following CHRISTMAS, as well as EASTER... What special times ~ time to awaken ourselves to the things that are our greatest gifts.

Days like today take me back about 15 years ago to the first Christmas that we celebrated after my baptism...
the first Christmas that I truly felt what Christmas really means...
for the first time in my life
it wasn't all about Santa Claus
and gifts
and stockings
and food
and friendly, busy little elves hurrying about
to bring all the special packages to Santa's sleigh
and we can't forget those amazing reindeer.
That year it became so much more for me...something within me came alive or rather was re-awakened, I believe it had always been there.
It was too familiar, too sweet, too comforting to be "new" to me. It was a part of me that had been deeply suppressed just waiting for the right time to come out.
Going back to our greatest gifts...
I had no idea the gifts I had been given until that day.
I really didn't know of the love and gratitude I had in my heart for my Savior.
I think it may have been that very day that I realized the love He and my Heavenly Father have for me.

What a refreshing thought ~
what a lovely moment ~
what a perfect start to a new life honoring My Savior.
It was that day that I vowed to myself and in a silent little prayer that I would always make sure my children know that this special day we celebrate each year really isn't all about SANTA CLAUS. Santa Claus is fun and jolly and every child deserves the magical feeling that comes with such a plump, happy ol' soul...I want them to enjoy those little extras of the holiday, but most importantly to me is that they
KNOW that CHRISTmas is about the BABY JESUS
that was born in a lowly stable to a sweet young mother...
It is a day to remember and to honor His birth, His example, His words, His sacrifice for each of us, His love, His divinity, His Perfect Life, His Death, His Resurrection and His promises...

Today was all of these things for started out perfectly, there was a soft blanketing of snow on the ground this morning.
We drove to church and were then given a special gift of beautiful music and inspiring messages of the birth of our Savior.
We sang Christmas Hymns, oh how I love them!
This is truly my favorite time of the year!
People are happy, they smile, the love and generosity freely flows from so many.
We are aware of others, we think of others and wish to bless their lives with just a little more joy at this time of year.
There is a feeling of joy that emulates from so many faces, especially little faces that are giddy with excitement and anticipation. I think I could sit endlessly and enjoy the happiness that I see...
In my last class of the day (Young Women's) we enjoyed a beautiful message set to music and pictures ~ so many thoughts of gratitude surged through my body as I watched and listened...and the thought I was left with was, what is my gift to my Savior this Christmas? (Hold that has required some pondering time...)

As we walked out of church this afternoon, the most wonderfully enormous snow flakes were piling up as they dumped from the sky was magical ~ the kind of magical feeling that many of us forget we can feel.
The kind of magical feeling that a child is able to feel at the simplest, sweetest little things can also be felt by us, if we only let ourselves be enchanted and delighted by such magical moments. I'm so grateful that I can feel those magical moments without being a child...maybe I feel them because I look into the eyes of my children and I want so desperately to still feel the wonder and awe that they enjoy so easily...I really believe it is because I allow myself to feel this magic, I crave and need this magic to feel real, to feel alive, to feel the Spirit, to feel the Love and Joy that I know My Savior and My Heavenly Father desire for me to feel.
These magical moments remind us of who we really are ~
I don't have to just be the Mom, (even though I love that more than anything)
I can still be just like a little child
and I can marvel and relish in the beauty that lies before me...
in seeing that beauty that lies before me,
I can see the beauty that lies within myself and within others...
isn't that what our Savior does for us?
He sees our beauty,
our talents,
our divinity ~
our faults
or our failures
or insecurities...
He sees that Little Princess that is in us
and He also sees the Majestic Queen we will one day become...

As I sit here tonight in front of our beautiful Christmas Tree, comfy on my couch, propped up with pillows holding my warm laptop while typing away, I go back to my thought I left church with earlier today...What is my gift to my Savior this Christmas? What is my offering?

President Thomas S. Monson said the following, "WHAT WILL YOU AND I GIVE FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR? Let us in our lives give to our LORD & SAVIOR the gift of gratitude by living His teachings & following in His footsteps."

The answer to my question or thought is that I will do ALL I can to live my life the way He would wish me to and that I will follow His example and love others and do my very best each day to reach out to someone who could use that little hug or word of encouragement. If I can be an instrument in His hands to bring Joy to another, then I believe that would be the very best offering or gift I could give... "What will YOU offer or give this year?" Please share your thoughts with me ~ I Love so much to hear from you!!!

My wish for YOU, whomever you may be, whether I know you or not, I wish YOU the Merriest Christmas Ever...I wish you joy and wonder and magical moments...I wish YOU the knowledge that Your Savior loves YOU and Cherishes YOU...I wish YOU the Peace and Comfort of this beautiful season...I wish YOU a very Merry Christmas filled with the joy of a little child.