Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Great day

What a fun day...

First, I slept in and when I finally decided to open my eyes there was SNOW blanketing everything in sight ~ oh Happy Day...I LOVE THE SNOW! Just makes me happy.

Next, I was lucky enough to hold such a sweet new little baby ~ Chad's youngest sister, Bethany, just had her second baby yesterday afternoon...there is just something about holding a newborn that makes my heart so full! Especially when they are just tiny like our little ones were...he was just a little over 6 lbs ~ oh brings back such sweet memories!

Then, Chad and I were able to spend a little time alone, it was so nice to just drive around taking care of things and visit and laugh, he makes me laugh every single day - love that man!

Then, came home to all my adorable kiddos, made some treats for them and got ready for our Elder's Quorum Christmas Party...way too much fun!
We played a silly little game, I guess you'd call it horse racing, but it's really not horse racing at all...but you have to name your race horse and stand up and compete against all the other horse's a little complicated, someday I'll explain it all...
but I was the WINNER ~
(my prize was a package of Red Hots!)
Fun Night, laughter is sooooo good for us!!!

The only problem was that I think maybe I had a little too much fun...completely lost my breath from all the excitement of winning and had to do my darn little inhaler to breathe well again, but how do you have fun without a little whoopin' and holorin'??? I just can't seem to manage that one very well.

And guess SNOWED even more while we were at the beautiful outside. Sure beats all the dreary rain we've been receiving ~ Bring on the snow!!!

My last thought for the day...
In my kitchen, I've hung a sign (actually hung it several months ago) that reads:
How Happy Did You DECIDE To Be Today???
I believe we have so much power over how happy we are and how happy we can be, just by deciding each day if we wish to be happy, or otherwise ~ I Choose Happiness, I Choose Joy!!!