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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Christmas Tree Journey...

For the past many years we have had the pleasure of journeying out to find the "Perfect" Christmas Tree...

not to some silly old lot down the street filled with trees pre-cut just waiting for you...

but to the mountains! I guess we feel the need to go traipsing through the deep snow, searching for that one tree that will fill our every whim and desire!

Now mind you, our desired tree is sometimes less than what some may say would be what you might call "Desirable" ~ many of our trees have been the little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, some have been taller than our roof, some we could put on a table, and some have to be cut in half just to fit in the front door, but I have LOVED each and every one of them...they have so much character and when you add the touch of a child, they become priceless!

Our thought or main goal of this special day we venture out on each year, is more about the journey and the experience than that of finding the ideal tree...if what we Really wanted was the ideal, perfectly shaped, beautiful tree...we'd go check out one of the lots on every corner and grab one there, but that just doesn't cut it for this family we pack up enough food to feed an army, because we usually have a small one there ~ make sure to have plenty of hot cocoa and marshmallows and a few sleds and all the kiddos are delighted the whole day through!

Is anyone hungry???....Hot Chili, Hot Dogs, Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows and Cookies!!!

Here was the tree for our family...everyone else is off sledding at this point, but we had to have a picture of the "perfect Lytle Family tree" One of our little girls wondered why we picked a tree that was covered in ice and snow...well, what do you say to that???
There's Myles and Matt feeling just a little worn out after dragging back their tree. Shealyn hung out with her little ones while they went in search of her perfect tree...we were starting to wonder if they were lost in the snow somewhere or if they just felt they couldn't come back until finding just the right tree for her...It was a beauty!

The Campbell's came back with a beautiful tree ~ don't know how it's going to fit in their house, maybe it will be one of those you cut in half to fit in, but it sure looks nice! :o) What sweet friends...we just love their family!

And the Munson's...That's a gorgeous one! I love it!!! Corrie and I sat back and commented how much easier it is now that our babies aren't little babies anymore...they can walk around and drink hot cocoa all by themselves...aaaahhhhh....

Speaking of aaaahhhhh, I have a very thoughtful husband...

I'm not supposed to be out in the cold or breathing any cold air,

this can be a bit challenging when trying to get a Christmas Tree in the forest in December, it is cold! And on top of the cold of our day, we were blessed with a beautiful snowfall...perfect day...but, I do have to admit, I was feeling just a tad sorry for myself that I was going to have to spend much of my day sitting in the car to stay warm, but then right before my eyes, pops up this wonderful little tent with a heater, chair and blanket...aaaahhhhh!

I was so happy to be out with my family and friends, I was right in the mix the whole day, toasty warm and nice and dry. I didn't help pick out or cut down the tree, I just made sure to take photos and drink as much hot cocoa as possible ~ Perfect Day!
My sister and her family joined us for some sledding fun...aren't they cute??? They even brought along Hope, their little dog, the girls were lovin' on her!!! I can't even believe how big my nephew are...time goes by so fast!

Much to my dismay, the boys all tried their hand at hooky-bobbing behind Shealyn's car...I just closed my eyes and smiled and told them all, "PLEASE BE CAREFUL, I REALLY LIKE THE WAY YOU LOOK AND I'D REALLY LOVE IT IF YOU STAYED THAT WAY!" They think I'm crazy, and maybe I am, but I just love 'em all a little too much!!!

What's a day in the mountains without a little sledding??? Even our little grand-daughter had a ride down the hillside, so cute!

Here are some of my favorite shots of the day...

Soon I will post photos of the final product...The Decorated Christmas Tree! That is unless it falls over again and the decorations are all over the floor. I can only re-decorate a tree so many times!!! We just have to keep laughing when we come down in the morning to the tree lying in the middle of the floor...just doesn't seem right!