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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Reno and San Francisco

We arrived in Reno in the wee hours of the a.m. -- all the kids were sleeping and we so desperately needed to stretch our legs and have a little potty break,
so after driving under this fun sign, we found our destination to walk around in for a few minutes...
could have walked through this place for hours. Who would have time to gamble????
There's far too much to look at here! I'd never want to waste my time sitting at
some silly ol' table or slot machine throwing my money away...
oh well, guess it takes all types to make the world go round!

Had to share a few of my favorite photos of the area of San Francisco...
Myles and Preston while we were touring the Golden Gate National Recreation Area...there was a very fun fort that we spent quite a bit of time exploring and walking through and around.
There's my two little ones and my little grandbaby...aren't they sweet!

And here's my two big ones! How did they get this big??? I kept asking them to stay little their whole lives, but they just wouldn't listen!

Here I am with all my girls...what a happy day!
Is that just the cutest photo ever???
Okay, maybe this is the cutest...okay it's a tie!!!
Loved this shot of the Golden Gate bridge...there were so many sailboats on the water!
and there's the whole crew standing at the fort just in front of the Golden Gate Bridge
and then sitting on top of the fort...they did have to crawl all the way up there, I think just so they could say they "did it!" :) But it sure made for a great photo moment!

The kids had such a wonderful time playing at the beach..again, I cannot believe that I didn't think to bring towels, or better yet, to have them change out of their clothes. I guess I was just a tad crazy to think they could just get their little feet wet...what a day!

Check out that shot...I'm pretty impressed I got her in the air...Cassie absolutely loved the water! She was so wet when it was time to leave that her hair was actually dripping!

And there's our little Nattie...lovin' every moment of this water!
This little one doesn't belong to me...but I just could not help myself...
how adorable is that little innocent child!!!
I was a little worried though, that I might turn around to find 2 of my own little naked girls running about...thankfully, they were having way too much fun to even notice this naked little bundle.
As we crossed over the Golden Gate, we had such great plans to walk through San Francisco and show the kids some of the sights, but what we found was more than unexpected....traffic that went on forever and took us hours to just make our way through the city...this amazing number of people and cars were all due to a special week that we were completely unaware of: FLEET WEEK...full of young men running around in uniform...may have been a blessing that we couldn't find a parking spot...I have a daughter whose eyes may have just popped clean out of her head!
Yes, Danielle I am talking about YOU! :)