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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, October 8, 2010

On the road again...

We have been a family that has never and I do mean never, with the exception of a long weekend of maybe camping, traveled. We are heading out again for Caliente, Nevada to spread the ashes of my husband's uncle. He was very close to him, in fact, I often felt that Uncle Sam treated Chad more as his son, than a nephew. If Sam ever needed anything or wanted to share any news, it was Chad that he would call, not even his own sons.
So...we are off to do this work for him. He requested that his ashes be spread over their old homestead. I'm excited to go and let our kiddos see where Grandpa and his brothers grew up and spend a little time there and then participate in doing our last service for Uncle Sam.

Not quite ready to be in the car again and packing seems just a little cruel to have to experience, since we just finished unpacking! This will be a year we won't soon forget. But what a silly thing to complain for the record -- I am not complaining, just commenting. :)

I'll let you in on a little secret, since we are all the way to Caliente, which isn't too far from Las Vegas, which isn't too far from Anaheim, which is the location of an incredible dream destination, and we just happen to have free tickets for our entire family to go...since we participated in the "Give a Day, Get A Day" promotion that was put on earlier this year...have you guessed where I am referring to??? Most of you have, I am sure...but for those of you, like me, who've only ventured away a time or two, and aren't quite sure of this Magical Place...I'll tell you! DISNEYLAND awaits the Lytle Family!!! I have been waiting for what feels like a lifetime to take our children there. Well it has been over half of my lifetime!!! Ever since becoming a momma 25 years ago...cannot believe it's been that long...where does time go? I can't be getting this old already, can I???

Anyway, I have dreamed about going to Disneyland with our kids forever! We've had the Disneyland bucket that we've saved over and over and over. It's become the fix the car bucket, the buy diapers bucket, the out of food bucket, the replace parts on the carpet cleaner bucket, the bucket to take care of any needs bucket...but until now has never served its original destiny...becoming a REAL DISNEYLAND BUCKET!!! We had a little competition yesterday as I removed the bucket from it's safe little place deep in the closet and brought it downstairs to put on display. I let everyone take a few moments to look it over, size it up and make their best guess as to just how much money lay in the bottom of this bucket that would finally reach its true destiny.
I distributed little pieces of paper, they wrote their best guess, I went to the bank, handed over the giant bucket (which was only a small portion filled) and walked away from the bank with cash in hand. As I returned home, we layed out each little piece of paper in order...
Dad - $125
Myles - $145
Wyatt - $180
Natalie - $200
Mom - $347.92
Danielle - 349.67
Bryce - $648.56
Cassie - $50,000
I told Bryce and Cassie that I sure hoped they were the "winners" in our little contest...bummer for us that they weren't!!!
We had a little drum roll (just to build to the excitement) and before their eyes, I counted out the cash, nice and slow (again just to build on the excitement!) our total came to a whoppin' $297.99... Natalie starts jumpin' up and down...I'm the winner, I'm the winner, I'm the winner!!!

Adorable moment, especially since there wasn't a thing to actually "win". I guess we all win as we head out the door again. This will be a quick trip for us, with coolers on hand for all of our meals and extra blankets and pillows to snuggle into in the car for our driving time.

And you guessed it, I will have so many more photos to share!!! The Princesses await us in Disneyland and I am tellin' ya I have a couple of little ones who are ecstatic at the thought of actually meeting their favorites!!! I should put out a warning for any other families visiting Disneyland the same day we are there...My little ones think they have waited their "WHOLE LIVES" to be here and they just might push and shove their way to Cinderella, Tinkerbell and Ariel...I'll do my best to control them...but you've now been warned. :)
I will actually make them stand like little ladies and wait their turn, but you gotta know that they would be willing to crawl over or under anyone to make it there just to see them in person.

I cannot wait to be there with all my kids (just wish Shealyn and her family were joining us) Man it would be great to be rich, then I could just load up everyone I love and take 'em all along. And I would so totally do that. We'd have the greatest party on earth, cause I love alot of people in this world... and I'm sure you are one of 'em!!! Love ya! ;)