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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Palm Trees & Beaches & Castles...Oh My!

I've decided that the best thing about blogging is that I can write down all the adorable things my kids do and say and never forget them...

I've tried writing it all down in notebooks and journals and such, but inevitably I lose those things, and here I can just scroll back through things I've posted and love every moment of it!!!

I've never been great at scrapbooking because I just never seem to make the time to make it happen, and pretty much the same with journaling...blogging is the best of both worlds all bundled up in one sweet little package!!! Someone was thinking of me when they invented this little gem!
So one of those precious moments that I never want to forget (so I'll share it here) was when the girls saw palm trees out the window...
Natalie practically yells out in excitement "Are we in Hawaii?"
Took me a second to understand what on earth she was talking about, but it didn't take Cassie any time at all, she thought the same thing just as soon as she saw the palm trees. ADORABLE!
You can see what we did not too long after spotting them...we had a photo moment cause the girls were soooooo excited!

I just had to laugh...they knew palm trees were in Hawaii, but not in California...we just haven't been out enough (but wow have we been making up for it this past month!)

We spent a little time walking along the pier and beaches in Monterey...beautiful...and the sounds were pretty exciting to hear for the kids -- check out where they were coming from :)

The kids were looking around for a barking dog...but what a pleasant surprise...
A couple shots of the kids walking across the rocks next to the shore. The water was pretty powerful here...Wyatt was standing on a rock and all of a sudden his hair was soaked on one side. Time to move away boys and girls...your Momma loves you and doesn't want the ocean to steal you away!

One little side excursion we decided to make...Hearst Castle...beautiful in the distance.

We had hoped to be able to see it a little closer than this view, but this would just have to suffice. And just below are the grazing animals that cover the mass acreage of the castle...Zebra's were one of the exciting ones for us to see.We all wanted a little closer look...Check out the photo of the swimming pool, since I couldn't actually be there to take a real shot, I faked it and photographed the photo. I know, that was a cheater move, but I just needed to dream about swimming in such a pool.
Palm Trees and Beaches and Castles...Oh My...
What could be any better than these? One might think nothing could be better, but I'm tellin' ya there was even more to enjoy ~

stay tuned -- next stop --THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!