Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Squealin' for JOY!

Wheelin' & Squealin'...what a theme!
Fair and 4-H projects for our kids were great this year...everyone was wasn't too hot (which is unheard of at Fair time, we are usually melting!!!) They did very well and were quite pleased with the results from the judges... It was really just a sweet, easy, pleasant year! Take a look at our fun...

This was a photo of one of our booths...

Check out these smiles!!! We arrived at the fairgrounds to see how well they had done ... our little "W" did an incredible job. Here he is standing with his Compound eye that he built for his Entomology Project (with a little help, but mostly on his own)
He ended up receiving an Award of Excellence as well as receiving Reserve Grand Champion for Science and Technology for the Junior level. WOW!!! Was he ever excited.

Then Saturday evening...he was invited to attend an award ceremony where he received two additional awards, the first was a $10 bill (some serious excitement over this one and then on top of that he was given a flight bag that was embroidered with his placing and the year) Happy day for this little guy!!!

The other fun Entomology project was made by our sweet little "C". She learned to sew little curtains for her stages and now knows Everything you ever wanted to know about Butterflies and their stages of life!!! Most of the other bugs were just disgusting to her, but butterflies were a hit! Since she is still so young, she could not compete, being a little "Cloverbud" (that is the title they have until they reach age 8), but she did receive a little participation ribbon and loved seeing her work on display. I think she did an amazing job and she was adorable as she told us everything she knew!

Then we come to HORSE WORLD..."D" is our horse girl and she always does a wonderful job! During her interview evalutions with the judges she was able to share all that she has learned and experienced over the past year...they must have loved her cause she walked away with a GOLD medal at the end!!! Yippee! Here are a few photos of the booth we set up for the horse 4-H club and some of her with the horse she used for her evaluation.

Then the last photo here was our evening at the Fair with all of the kids...we strolled around and looked at EVERY ANIMAL there, yep, all of 'em! Pigs, sheep, cows, horses, rabbits, chickens...pigs were a hit :) They use to love the cows, but now that we have 4 of them to feed bottles to each day, the awe has worn off just a tad!
After our animal time, we listened to a magician/comedian. At the end of his show, he asked for a volunteer and next thing we knew our little "W" was on the stage. It was a ventriloquist show, and our little guy was the "dummy" sporting a great hat and an outrageous mask! It was hysterical and the best part was how much he just kept on laughing and laughing through the whole act...what a great way to end our year at the fair! Can't wait to see what kind of fun we can have next year!