Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A New Season of Life...

After thinking and thinking, since I seem to do that alot lately...I've had a couple of thoughts that just will not leave me alone. These thoughts are not just a product of this week, rather thoughts that have been developing and nurturing deep inside of me for quite some time now. For the past several years I have put on Mother's Retreats for Homeschoolin' Momma's and have thoroughly LOVED doing this. Prior to this, I spent a lot of energy on Homeschool Conferences and Mini-Conferences. Also LOVED these! But what about reaching out to others who don't homeschool...I haven't really done much to try to make a difference, to go away and spend time with all of the other special women I know and love...hmmm, my wheels have been turning!

One thing I have learned of myself over the last year or two has been the intense desire, no the INTENSE NEED to CREATE. The joy that creating gives to me is indescribable. I often wonder if my need for creating at this point in my life, is due to the fact that I am no longer "creating life" as that seems to have been my main role in life for the past 24 years!!!

With our baby approaching "5" next week, I believe I am starting into a new season of my life. (Kinda scary...a new season...familiar is so much more comfortable, but how would I keep growing if nothing ever changed ~ so I'll embrace this new season with joy!)
No longer do I have diapers to change, babies to nurse, strollers to load, little ones to carry with me every step I take, rocking special little bundles for endless hours into the wee hours of the night ~ although our little one will still happily climb up and rock with me for as long as I will rock her ~ I think she really misses our special nights too! Just last week, we recited one of our favorite stories together as we snuggled and rocked -- I LOVE YOU FOREVER -- if you don't have a copy of this book, run to the closest book store and add it to your is priceless!!!
(Though I truly do miss these days, I treasure so much the times I am enjoying with all these sweet kiddos now, for the smiles and laughter they give me each day, for the endless surprises ~ never know what might be waiting for me around the next corner! For all that they teach I learn to be the best momma I can be for each of them individually.)

Back to my point of my need to Create...yep, I got off track again!!!

I am always thinking of things I'd just love to do, to make, to create or re-create...but I often find myself saying, "There is just no time to do these things, because my job at this point in my life is to be a momma and to spend my time raising and loving all these kiddos!"

While I truly do believe this previous statement with all of my heart ~ because that is just exactly who I am ~ I am also coming to the point of believing that my need to create is also something I am meant to find the time to do, because it is part of me, my creations (just like my kiddos) are part of me and part of what makes me the person I am today!

SO...with all of this being said...Please give me your thoughts on combining a Retreat for Women and add in time for creating. Do you have your own things to create or are you in need of someone handing you a box and an idea with a little instruction to make your creative juices begin flowing??? Do you dream of a weekend away -- Just think...a trip to the mountains...delicious food, fabulous friends, time for you, time for your creativity, time to take in the beauty that surrounds you... Am I the only one out here who wishes for a little time now and then to be ME (yes, I am always me, this is just a quiet time of being me, where little ol' me can think and spread out "me and my stuff" and create...deep into the night if that is what I wish, or at the break of dawn if that suits my fancy that day)

If ANYONE IS OUT THERE READING THIS...Please, please share what your thoughts know I am writing this for you! :)

Happy day to you ~ oh, will you look at that! ~ the rain has just stopped, the sun is shining brightly! Where are my shoes? Out I Go to soak it all in....aaaahhhh how I love the sun!