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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So my thoughts today are on food -- honestly I think my thoughts are too frequently on food, which is probably the reason I am putting myself to the ultimate test of will power!
I have begun this diet of mine (yes, it should have started January 1st!) but, I'm a little slow, so for me it was February 1st! Besides, who wants to be just like everyone else. The whole world starts a diet or makes incredible changes to their lives on the 1st of January each year. The difference between them and me is that by now, they've mostly forgotten those great goals, they've gone by the wayside and more important things have now taken their place.
I, on the other hand, have "planned" for an entire extra month how I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! First and foremost for me ~ NO Sugar! This is not only great for losing weight, it is essential to feeling great and I know this, so why do I always fall back into the same routine? Why can't I remember that when I am being so good, that I am rewarded.
Rewarded how? you ask...well, let me tell you ~ the rewards can be endless!
When I am deep in the middle of an intense lifestyle change, yes a diet, every bite that goes into my mouth is savored, well thought out, "is this really, really worth it?", "is this what I want to spend my calories on today?", "is this going to taste better than skinny looks?" (that's my favorite one!)
each item of food eaten is pre-meditated and therefore thoroughly enjoyed, it has to be because there is only so much one can enjoy in a day!
Back to the reward...Sorry I often ramble...The very best example of a taste of heaven that I can think of is an apple or an orange. Yes, it really can be, simple as it may sound! They are just not the same if you are eating sugar and all that "the processed world of food" lays before our eyes. But, things are so very different when you are eating whole foods ~ an incredible thing takes place when you prepare to take a bite of that golden apple or that juicy ripe orange ~ you know that it will be the most divine thing you'll taste in your entire day and because of that it is a special moment! Have you ever bitten into a juicy orange and had that mouth-watering experience of complete and total satisfaction with your food? If not, take out all the junk that you eat and you will also be able to enjoy this fabulous experience! And you'll feel better for it, too!
The reward in all of this is that I can finally see (or taste, as is the case) the wonderful things that are available to me, that were created for me to enjoy. There is more to this reward coming, so stay with me...back to thoughts on food! Sounds a little like I have a romance with food, but don't we all? Well, romance in any relationship, including food does need some occasional nurturing, some zing, something a little extra special now and then and that is where I will answer the question for those of you who know me all too well...
you might have been wondering about my secret stash...chocolate...hmmm, this is a very hard one to forego, but I can do anything for a certain period of time and then I will once again indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience. I would be telling a lie to myself and to you if I were to say that I would NEVER again eat chocolate, because there are just some days that it is required! (but a good thing to remember, dark chocolate has very, very little sugar - and I even have to believe it is good for us - if it can make me "feel as good as it does somedays", then it's just gotta be good for me, right? right!)
Okay, coming back again...Just as flowers and a perfect "girlie movie" are a fabulous addition in your romantic life with your special someone, so is chocolate an essential part of that romantic relationship with food! But if I can remember to treat it as it should be ~ a "treat", something special, I will savor and truly love my experience in a whole new light!
Okay ~Back to the reward no time at all ~ I feel like a new person, I have a renewed energy when I put the right things into my body, I like what I see when I look in the mirror, I no longer have to lay down on my bed-suck it all in-and then quickly zip up that zipper (I know you've had to do it too!) It's just the worst, well, I never want to have to do that again! Actually the worst, is when your dear husband walks in on you while you are attempting to dress your voluptuous body and bursts into laughter at how you have to put yourself into those jeans that just don't fit quite the same way anymore! (Yes, that has unfortunately happened here!)
I can be the greatest mom when I am fit because I can run with my kids, I can climb to the top of the mountain with them, I can put on a swimming suit and not want to hide in the corner! I can do anything!!!
And because I can do anything and I believe this of myself, I can do this diet and I can go without sugar for the next 8 weeks and be happy about it! I'll keep you posted on how I've done, if I fudge (AND I WON'T), but if it happens, again I won't! I will be sure to tell on myself!

So onto a life of great health...remember food is not everything, society places far too much emphasis on eating -- do you feel that everything you go to is centered around food and not just food, but vast amounts of the most fattening appetizers, most enticing desserts, taste bud tantalizing goodies and richly scrumptious dishes. We really don't need all of this - let's keep it for the special moments in our lives, not each and every day - because then the sweetness of that wonderful relationship with food is not treasured as it should be.

Well enough of my ramblings ~ I think I'll go have an orange ~ can't wait!!!