Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Punctuation Matters

This was a FANTASTIC MONDAY for this Mom!!!
I was able to email back and forth with Danielle for quite some time...she is such a crack up!  
She is not being transferred again, but is getting a new companion. 
She is happy to be staying with the families she is working with, sad to see her companion go, but also excited to meet a new companion.
Change is hard, but she is resilient.  :)

And she told me this was 
Read her news below:

Welcome to the week of all weeks!
This has really been one of the most eventful weeks of my life.
To start out with- 
I caught 
and killed 
a mouse 
that had snuck into our apartment, 
all by myself! 
It was terrible. 
I don't like mice...
but I succeeded and have taken back the apartment from the horrid vermin.
Sister Anderson was no help.
...Unless you qualify screaming her head off and pushing me off my chair (so that she could stand on it, instead of taking the chair NEXT to me) as being helpful :P

Then- March 22nd. 
The day that has been in my prayers for the past two months.
But seriously, 
every single prayer has included, 
"And please bless Sister Schneider that she'll get her answer to be baptized on March 22nd."
Even my food prayers.
Well, a week and a half before, she called off the date because she didn't feel ready yet, and we moved it to April 19th
Which was totally fine! 
But it did make me feel a little bit sad because we had PROMISED her that if she would set a date to be baptized on (3/22) that she WOULD get her answer to be baptized on that date.
So she set it and did EVERYTHING she was supposed to do. 
There was no reason she didn't have an answer.
But it was okay. We were just being patient.

"Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you."

we've been asking and she's been asking... 
and we were getting a little anxious over all this, 
cause it's a make it or break it. 
And this is kind of a big deal!
We knew she'd either get her answer and be baptized now, or else it was going to be a loooong wait for their family.
On Friday (3/21) we went to the DC Temple Visitors Center and did a tour. 
It was amazing... 
the spirit was so strong. 
I was in shock the whole time at how good it felt there.

The next day, Sister Anderson and I decided to go to Rita's for my first time.
(I am guessing Rita's is a restaurant???) 
Which was odd because we'd just eaten and it was still early, but... we went anyways. And as we got up to the window, the Schneiders pulled up!
Brother Schneider had to go next door to make some copies, and Krista talked to us for a few minutes. When he came back out he looked at her and said, 
"So, have you told them the good news yet?"
And then she told us that she had decided to be baptized.
And we all started screaming and crying.

They're already planning on being sealed in a year.
When we asked her what finally did it for her, she told us, 
"Well it was yesterday at the temple, 
and I just knew I needed to be sealed to my family. 
So I needed to get baptized."

Here's the tricky part.
We'd been praying for her to get her answer to be baptized on March 22nd.
She got her answer to be baptized, on March 22nd.
I need to start punctuating my prayers...
(Sooooo love the way this girl thinks!!!  :)  )

THEN, that night, 
I went to dinner 
and we were having 
ginger brown sugar chicken, 
I reeeeally liked it.
So weird.

3/22. Most monumental day of my life.
First time going to Rita's.
Sister Schneider's getting baptized
And I ate meat that I liked.

Pretty good, eh?
Well, lot's of other wonderful things happened  this week too... I wish I had time to talk about them all.
Here's a basic run down,
We met Sister Schneiders sister and mother (again) and they love us. She's such a little missionary already!
We went to Café Rio with the Schneiders!
Everyone and their dog came over to talk to us because they were so excited to see sister missionaries.
So excited, they even bought us our dinner!

Then we had someone hit on us in Walmart (story of our lives) and he told us that "thick girls are in. Thick is what get's you a husband. You going out tonight?" .... rudest compliment of my life. #DietsAreForRM's

Sister Anderson is being transferred :( 
126 days... all coming to an end.

And also- here's a highlight for the coming week- We have no car!!! Extra prayers would be appreciated. 
 (And after emailing with her today, they are supposed to get hit with another snow storm tomorrow!  I sent her a little package today and did my best to wrap up some sunshine to ship her way.)  

Love you all!!!!