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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Miracles and a New Wife

Oops...this one is out of order.  I was really behind on posting letters from our sweet Missionary daughter!  I am happy to know she is safe and healthy and loving her time serving!  She has had some very interesting things happening in her world.  Her letters recently have been about the many people she has been working with.  She is serving in Baltimore (BIG city) for a little country girl from Idaho!  
She said that many stories begin with 
"Before I was a Mormon..."
followed by stories of living in the ghetto.  
And from people who are investigating, the stories they have are just heartbreaking, they are living very hard lives!
She is getting an education that I don't think she ever counted on having.
She is so compassionate though, that she is the perfect person to be there to touch the lives of these people.

Now, on to the story of a VERY persistent individual that has fallen deeply in love with Danielle!  Oh my...I am choosing to believe that her Bishop knows what he is talking about.  

This week Brother ___ decided that passive notes just wouldn't be enough... sooo he stepped up his game. 
When we showed up to church, the elders pulled us aside and said, "we have to warn you, Brother ___ bought you both pillows this week. 
And Sister Lytle, we're supposed to put a good word in for him." 
He showed up to church with a suit case, and after trying to unzip it for 5 minutes, he finally got it open and pulled out two memory foam pillows. 
What the heck?! 
They looked pretty nice (TBH, worst pillow I've ever used... I threw it off my bed in the middle of the night. #cantbuymylove) 
But that's not all. 
THEN he said, "Wait, I got somethin' special for you." 
Oh great. Then he pulls out a really heavy Walmart bag and tells me, 
"Wait until you somewhere where you can take yo time and look at it. It's real nice." Then he handed Sister Anderson a bag of groceries, "There's two of each, for both of y'all."
So of course, we run out to the car and rip open the bag. He had a magazine taped shut with 4 cards and a FRAMED PICTURE OF HIMSELF inside of it. We were dying of laughter. But had to get back inside before Sacrament started.
After church though, we broke open the cards... I need to take pictures of all this stuff, but for now, just know it's amazingly awkward! The cards were all addressed to "My Angel, okay?" or "Angel Sister" And they're all married person cards! GAG!
"I know you have to be a sister for a year or two ok? you mean the world to me ok? i can't get you off my mine. I go to sleep thinking about. I saw you and something happen. I have never felt this way about lady like you. This is the truth?"
"Call me it will be worth it"
"My daughters will like you"

During Sunday School, we were talking about how people know there's a God, or when they first found out. 
One man was saying that when he stands on the beach and watches the waves roll in, he knows that there is a God. 
Then Brother ___ pipes up, 
"I'm taking my NEW MORMON WIFE to Hawaii for our honeymoon!" 
"Brother ___, you have a new mormon wife?" 
"Well, not yet. But I got my eye on her!" 
*Entire class erupts into giggles, cause they all know it's me...*

The Bishop says that he's harmless and not to worry though
(This Momma sure hope this Bishop knows what he's talking about!!!  This is sounding a little scary to me!)  
The poor guy has no idea whats going on around him... 

Miracles have been happening though!! 
We had a lesson with Sister Schneider this week, and we committed her to be baptized. We asked her if, when she knows it's true, if she'll be baptized. She had NO hesitation saying yes. It was so neat. So this week she's praying about a date, and we promised her that she'll know it's true before her date comes. 
It's so neat! 
She is so brave. 
I really look up to her cause this is a scary step, 
but she knows what she wants, 
and she's not going to stop until she knows if it's true or if it's not.

After we committed her though, she says, 
"Man, do you guys make a commission off this?"
"Sister Schneider, if we worked for commission, we'd be starving to death."
"Yeah, you probably would."
Anyways, life is good!
The new apartment is good too! 
It smells so much better than the last one! We're so glad!