Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Holy Magical Taco Bell!

The latest from sweet Danielle!
She sounded soooo great this week...just made my heart sing to feel the happiness in her emails.  Enjoy!

Transfer week!
Well, Sister Anderson was finally voted off the Island. 
And now, Sister Shumway is here! 
She is super fun. 
We're both redheads
and we get a lot of comments on that.
I think the ward is worried that we're going to cause trouble or something....

She is from Snowflake, Arizona, and we are having a ton of fun together!
We also got a new elder in our area. I managed to convince him I was from Canada. It was a pretty good lie, until I decided to tell him the truth. I'm shocked he believed me lol.

On to the good news: 
We got our car back!! We did fairly well without it for a few days, but it sure rained a lot this week! We were super grateful to have it back Saturday and Sunday though... that's when the rain was the worst. 
On Sunday the drizzle turned into a huge rainstorm, 
then to a huge snow storm, 
then to hail, 
and then back to rain... 
and I was so well prepared for it 
that I was wearing cloth shoes and everything. Haha. 
When I got home that night, they were so wet that they oozed every time I took a step and I had to ring my socks out :P

Miracle of the week! 
We were carpooling to Sykesville with the elders while our car was in the shop, and on the way home they decided they were starving 
(typical, they are always starving) 
and so we stopped at Taco Bell. 
Taco Bell is always a good place to go, 
but there's something special about this Taco Bell. 
Before we walked in I told them that EVERY time I go there, I wind up finding someone new to teach, or I meet someone important that gives us someone to teach. So they laugh and said yeah right. And we walked in. The cashier started talking to me and says, 
"There were some ladies in here earlier who were having a bible study. They go to the Church on Slacks Road." (THAT'S OUR CHURCH!) "I can't go this week cause I'm working, but she got my phone number and told me that she'd bring the sister missionaries over to my house. 
Are you the sister Missionaries?"


What did I tell those elders?
Did we find, or did we find?

I stinking love that Taco Bell. It's so nice.

Other than that, the General Women's Broadcast Saturday night was INCREDIBLE. If you missed it, watch at LEAST the last talk
You can find it on 
It was so good!
Have a happy week!
Sister Lytle