Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow, car dents and purpose in life...

A little behind on posting for Danielle...At the bottom is her new address!
Their weather has been something!!!

This week has been crazy!! 
There is so much snow on the ground! 
It snowed 16 inches over night, and then a few more over the next few days.

On Wednesday night, we were driving home from Randallstown right as the snow started and it was killer slick.... and of course some one slid out of the parking lot and hit the side of our car! 
Dang it!! 
It was so minor, but we had to file an accident report because it dented the side of the car a little bit :/ so that night we didn't get home until almost 10. 
It was awful! 
But luckily, we made it home safe and no one was hurt at all since both cars were going less than 5mph when they hit us! haha.
The next day our cars were big time grounded. 
We shoveled a few driveways and had a nice walk. 
We decided that, in honor of another snow day, we'd each wear one of Sister Anderson's ugly coats. Black and gold y'all. 
Not to our surprise, very few people would let us shovel (like always) but at least this time when we asked people, they just laughed at us instead :P 
And by the end of the day, all the roads were clear! 
So we thought for sure we'd be driving the next morning.
More snow.
Just about 7AM, we get a text from President Richards telling all missionaries to get outside and get the snow off the cars and driveways so that our neighbors could get to work! 
So we got to it... and made it through about 20 cars. 

While we were at it, we met a lady who decided to talk to us while we cleared snow away. 
She told us that she'd already read the entire Book of Mormon, 
was searching for happiness and purpose in life, and was interested in meeting with us. 
Holy cow. 
When does that even happen?!
So cool!

With all the snow and ice, I managed to slip and fall three times that day, none of them were bad though! 
One of those times we were cleaning off a truck with 20ish inches of snow on it... 
and Sister Anderson fell on top of me 
(while I was trying to hold her up) 
and we got stuck in a snow drift... 
so glad no one saw that!  :P
A few days later, once we had our car back, we were dropping by a former investigator, and it wound up being such a waste of time... probably one of the most awkward drop in visits of my life. So we finally left, and decided to try by a potential in the building next door. Like always, there were a zillion and a half people at home, but not one of them was the lady we were looking for. 
On our way out there was a girl sitting on the stairs looking out the window, and we offered her a card and told her to check out the website. 
After talking to her for a minute, she started opening up and asking a lot of questions, which eventually led to her telling us that all she wanted in life was to be forgiven and start over fresh, and that she thinks being baptized would help her to do that.... 
At that point we decided to ask her name, 
and theeennn 
proceeded to teach her about the Restoration. 
It was amazing to watch the simple truths of the gospel bring so much peace to her! 
Shykia is a total babe! We're way excited to be teaching her.

On Monday we were able to go to the temple!! 
Oh we were so dang excited. 
It was our first time going to the DC temple. 
It's so pretty. 
I love how different each of the temples are, 
but how they all feel the same inside :) just peaceful and happy.

NEW ADDRESS!!! (we are moving in on Saturday! Weeee!!)
Sister Danielle Brieanna Lytle
3714 Brice Run Rd Apt D
Randallstown, MD  21133
I love you all! Have a super fun and happy week!