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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Aaaaadventure time! With Sister Lytle and Sister Anderson, Edition: Bus

It's MONDAY...more news from Danielle!!!!

Since moving to Randallstown, we've had the idea that in order to save on miles (we have restricted mileage) we would ride the bus from time to time, and that'd probably be pretty fun, and a good way to talk to people and stuff. And then we'd have extra miles to use elsewhere!On Saturday, we woke up and it was so nice and warm outside! We had planned to spend some time outside anyways, but after a little while, we had to go inside and change because we were expecting it to be freezing outside (like normal) but instead we were roasting to death.
Here's where our mistakes begin.
#1) We'd already walked a few miles
#2) When we got home, we changed our shoes. 
Her into white, lacy flats, and me into a pair of her shoes, that a a little bit too small for me.

So then we jump back in the car and start heading out to Della's home in Windsor Mill. A few blocks from our home, we decide, 
"WAIT! Let's ride the bus!!" 
So we pull onto a side road and ditch the car. 
Then we walked to the bus stop. When the bus got there, we found out that it only takes exact change... so instead of $3.50, it was $4.
We were on bus 54, going down Liberty, and we needed to turn on Rolling Rd. And the bus didn't turn! So we pulled the sting to make it stop, and tried to bail off the back of the bus, which we had JUST seen someone do... but for some reason the doors wouldn't open for us like they did for them. We panicked and ran to the front of the bus and jumped off. And were just a little bit embarrassed.
From there we backtracked back to Rolling Rd, and started down it looking for a bus stop. But we walked a REALLY long way before ever finding a bus stop! And unfortunately, that really long walk was walked ON the white line or in the mud. That road doesn't really have any kind of shoulder to speak of haha. I'm not sure how people do that out here, but people walk on the line like that ALL the time, and it's SO SCARY!
After several miles and a lot of mud (which found it's way all up our nylons) we found a bus!!! YAY!! It only drove us a block or two in the right direction though, and then we had to bail again. This time we figured out how to get the back doors to work... you have to push them (thank you random guy for yelling directions at us on how to get the doors open hahaha)
Then we walked again.
At one point, someone pulled over and asked us if we were lost. HAHA! Just cause we're a couple of white chicks walking around doesn't make us lost! Just confused on how to work the buses.
Then, WE FINALLY MADE IT TO DELLA'S! And had a whole 30 minutes to spend with her before having to leave to make sure we made it back to our car in time for our next appt.
So we're exhausted and walking back to the bus stop, when Sister Anderson looks behind us, and what did she see?
The bus.
And so we started running cause the bus out there only comes every 45 minutes or so, and we did NOT want to wait that long!
Sooooo.... we had quite the run, up the hill, to make it to the stop before it pulled away.
But we made it!! MIRACLE!!!
A lot of people were laughing at us when we got on.
Luckily, we figured out how to catch the right connecting bus back to liberty so that we didn't have to walk the 4 mile stretch between the roads.
The only problem was, where did we put the car?
We watched and watched the roads until it finally showed up! Then we jumped off the bus again, and did the Baltimore Shuffle, across 4 lanes (and a suicide lane) of traffic.
So tired. 
So sore. 
So muddy.
Lessons we learned:
#1) When riding the bus, wear walking shoes, in your size, that are NOT white.
#2) Carry exact change
#3) Don't carry your scriptures in your bag
#4) To get to Della's, get on the 54 UNTIL you get to the 77. Don't walk down Rolling Rd.
Anyways- we are alive and well! Love you all!!
Sister Lytle