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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


News from Danielle this week ~ she cracks me up...
find out why she believes the East Coast drains people of their humor 
and her definition of 100% humidity!!!  
Love this girl so much!  :)

Dear Familia/friendilas (that's Spanish for friend), 

This week has been a crazy week! 
On Monday of last week, we found out that we were going to be driving into Ellicott City on Wednesday to pick up a third companion. 
That night, we sat in on two Spanish lessons, and I understood NOTHING. 
It was insane. 
I suddenly had a panic and thought, 
"I have to learn Spanish... Cruuuuudddddd!" 
I found out that not only were they sending a third sister to the area, they were also sending Spanish elders to the area! 
We now have SEVEN missionaries serving in one ward. 
Is that crazy or is that crazy? 
This area is booming. 
It went from two to seven in less than two months. 
God is preparing his people. 

On Tuesday I found out that the East Coast drains people of their humor
There is a little girl in the area who wants to come to church, but her mom won't let her go because she doesn't have a dress. 
So the missionaries who were working with them were trying to tell the mom that it really is okay, and that they would be allowed to come to church no matter what they wore. 
As a sarcastic suggestion, 
I told the missionaries that I'd be more than happy to wear jeans to church if it'd make the family more comfortable. 
I was met with a room full of blank stares, and a, 
"Sister Lytle, you will not wear jeans to church." 
My companion and I died laughing. 
Turns out, very few people understand sarcasm. 
And so I'm hoping that I haven't left a trail of offence behind me for the past three months hahaha. 
I laughed so hard reading this because it is so Danielle...I swear I could truly hear her voice as I read these words...funny thing is that she'd never really wear the jeans, but she'd harass people forever about it just to see if she could get under their skin...crazy child!!!  She' got a whole lot of her Daddy in her.  ;)

Life here is good! 
The rain here is wonderful, and weird! 
It just mists constantly... I think that might be what they define as "100% humidity" but I don't know. "100% humidity" sounds like being submerged in water to me. 

Well, I'm running low on time, but the church is true! 
This life is the best life. 
My companions are both wonderful! 
I love them. 
I'm happy! 
Sister Lytle