Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Family Work

My sweet missionary girl is almost 20!!!
What a blessing she is to the world ... I LOVE how sweet and tender her words are...
MONDAYS are truly one of my favorite times, she lifts my spirits and my heart is so full each time I hear from her.  Check out the amazing things happening in her world ~

 Isn't she just darling in her scarf???  Such a beautiful girl!
AND I CANNOT WAIT to meet her companions someday...

Reason #1 for being a missionary,

This is family work! 

We're all brothers and sisters, 
and being a missionary is sooo great because all I do every single day is 
invite my family to feel loved, 
to feel invited, 
and to feel the spirit. 
How could life get any better?
This week has been crazy. 
Crazy good! 
We have had awesome success with members of the church inviting their friends and loved ones to activities where they can meet the missionaries (us!) and it's been so cool. These people that the members are bringing in are SO fun! I love it! This week we had an activity for all the women in the church about living providently, and we ate a ton of pumpkin snacks :) 

"I hope you have some good pills in there- I could sure use some!" 
(shouted out during the middle of the provident living seminar from a super goofy lady named Miriam, PS: she loved coming to relief society!)

This week we also went out with the Spanish Elders to help clean someones home. 
The Latinos are the most humble, faithful people I have ever met. 
The man was blind and could only speak Spanish, and so he struggled to support himself. He lived in a building with several other families, where each family had a room, and then there was a main living area. The main area was falling apart, and the floors were so old that they were at a major slant. In his room was a dirty little mattress and some broken appliances that he stored things in, like food. 
Food in a broken microwave instead of a fridge. 
It was so sad. 
He had no idea how to clean or care for things. 
So the five of us were there to help him learn how. 
At the end of our stay, he was nearly in tears. 
We all knelt on the floor, and he prayed and prayed and prayed. It was all in Spanish, so I have no idea what he said, but it was powerful and I could feel it. 
We have the super awesome blessing of bringing all the Spanish families from the area into our ward! And we are sooo excited to be with them. They bring such an awesome spirit with them, and we can't wait to be able to interact with them more. They are such a blessing. 

Yesterday we went to the Temple Visitors center for the first time!!!!! 
It was AMAZING! 
Apparently, the Washington DC Temple is the tallest temple, 
and possibly one of the most incredible! 
I ran into a sister I knew from Middleton who was serving in the visitors center, it was so cool! 
Well, it'll be the day before my birthday, but we get to go through with Sister Dove this next week for her first time, it's going to be so wonderful!
Family is forever! 

Sister Lytle