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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Living a "Newly-Wed-Like" life FOREVER...

YES, it happens!!!
And here are some tips to make it happen in your "Happily Ever After"...

Last night I spent some time with one of my very favorite people in the world, Corrie!!!
It was a party night for her daughter...

When my invitation arrived in the mail,
I was assigned a room  ~
can you guess which room I received??
Yep, the BEDROOM!!!
soooo many directions to go with this one...

I knew I wanted it to be good,
I knew I wanted it to be memorable,
I knew I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the beauty of marriage with her...
I decided to combine it all into a
BIG Happy Package!!!


Here are the words that go along with all the little gifts inside the BIG Box ~

Dear Rachel ~
I want to share a few tips that can help you to
live a "Newly-Wed-Like" Life FOREVER --


1.  A Treasure Box to help you remember to always "treasure" one another
and a perfect place to keep the treasured love letters, cards and special moments of your life as husband and wife.
(I found a box that I just loved...I have one that I keep all my "Sweet Stuff" from my Sweet Man in, so I just had to get one for her!)

2.  Two Candles for your bedroom to help you remember how important it is to keep a flame alive in your marriage.
(Who doesn't love candles???
And the thing I love to tell others about love when they feel it is lost or gone...
I ask, "Was it ever there???"
If they can answer yes,
then it's repairable...
all they need do is rekindle that flame!
So, if you are finding yourself in that position, read on...these little tips will do the trick!)

3.  Paris ~ Always share your dreams and together make them realities!
(This was a little trinket that had "Paris" on it...Rachel loves Paris so this was fitting for her)

4.  Diamonds ~ There will be dull days and hard times in your marriage, these diamonds are here to remind you to focus on all the Shining Moments you have together!
(A little bag filled with "diamonds"...unfortunately for Rachel, I am not a rich person, so they were quite fake, but they sure do sparkle!)

5.  Hugs & Kisses ~ Because a day should never pass that you don't share love and affection with one another.
(I wrapped a pretty red bow around the bags of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses...perfect!)

6.  A Pillow ~ "Pillow Talk" each and every night will keep you close, remember to have that communication and never go to sleep angry...stay up until sunrise if necessary, but talk out your differences and end on a happy note with each other.

7.  Throw in a little "Sugar and SPICE" every now and's sure to bring a smile!
(Yes, I did....
I embarrassed both Rachel and her sweet Mom...
I had to do it!
I snuck in a little pair of "SPICY Undies",
okay, two pair...should have taken a photo...the cheeks were bright red on these sweet girls!)

8.  A Blanket ~ because every day is a good day to snuggle up together!

And finally...

9.  Do your very best to make every day your "Happily Ever After" and it will be!
(I gave her a little metal sign with these was super cute!)

***Something to think about...***
Our spouses may never be "Perfect"...
there will be times they will disappoint us.

None of us are perfect,
but Happily Ever After is still possible!

YOU be as perfectly in love as possible
and be perfectly willing to share that love at all times
and something magical will happen ~
your spouse will wish to be just as perfect as you are and
your marriage will become perfectly wonderful...
thus the "Happily Ever After"...   Perfectly Beautiful!

What a lovely night for such a lovely girl!!!
Best wishes to you always, Rachel!