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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sacred Liquid

On Monday, we received our first letter from Danielle.

"Dear Family,

Life is good!  I am very happy here.  
The chocolate milk here is a sacred liquid.  
If I were the prophet, I would use it to replace the consecrated oil.  
Just kidding.
But it is wonderful.

Everyone here is so nice.  And I know so many people.

I'm in a threesome right now...
Sister Burke has not arrived yet, so I am with Sister Jeffries and Sister Little.
Sister Little and I sit next to each other in class...
it is a beautifully confusing thing.  :)

My district is the  
I love them all!
We have two districts in our branch.  
We are ALL Baltimore bound!
Our branch president says that almost never happens.
Everyone is from Idaho, Utah or Arizona.   Except two, they are in the other district.  They come from Nevada and California.

Life here is the good life!

I love you all to pieces...YOU are the best family ever!
Love, Sister Lytle

And her "line" of the week ~ 
"Be sure to use your man-ears."  
Haven't the foggiest idea...need to ask her.  

I was busy working in my office when all of a sudden across my computer I see:
and then I see 

I didn't want to get too excited, in case I was just seeing things...

I looked a little closer 
it read:
"Today is my P-DAY!!!"

My heart skipped a really was her.
She and I were able to converse back and forth for about 30 minutes.
It was so good to hear from her.  
She is happy.
She is loving every one there.

And another bonus to my day...
after I was finished talking with her I received another email
from her companion, Sister Little.

She wrote, "I absolutely LOVE your daughter!"

And she forwarded the following two photos to me.  
Oh, Happy Day!!!

Unfortunately, I'm not too certain who is who in this photo, with the exception of my Danielle, who is, of course in the brown with her FAV cheetah scarf!!!

 Here is her "District"...they will all be flying out together Tuesday, early in the morning for Baltimore, Maryland.  Danielle has nothing but the best to say about them.  She says she just LOVES them all.  It was funny to see this picture because Danielle often looks quite tall...not here ~ there are some BIG missionaries in this photo...I'm kinda dying to know how tall the guy on the end is.  I'm just a tad intrigued.  ;)
From her email earlier today:

"There are 10 in my district, 5 sisters, 5 elders. and 32 of us on our way to balti. The Elders here are taking super care of me. I still don't open doors, and now I don't clear my own dishes either. Haha."

I responded back to her,
"Still living the Charmed life...I am not surprised at all."

This girl just melts the hearts of everyone AND her Dad and I have always said that if there is anything in this world that she wants or would like to see happen, it will!  Thus, the "charmed life" comment.  

I am so happy she is being taken care of and is enjoying this great group she is with!

She has all sorts of funny little lines in her emails to me...
this one cracked me up!

"The church lies btw, 
you CAN bring headphones for working out in the MTC 
and you DO need a calling card and you DO need laundry stuff."

There were several other funny little things she said.
Love that girl!!!

The last thing she said to me was, 
"I will TALK to you on Tuesday,
Please be awake."

I think I'll get this phone call sometime around 5 in the morning.
Hope I get sleep that night...I might be too afraid I'll miss the phone ringing to sleep.

What a beautiful Thursday this has turned out to be!!!