Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Les Bois, Les Bois!!

Who would have ever thought MONDAY could become my favorite day of the week???  
Crazy, I know, 
but when you are lucky enough to be hearing from your sweet child every Monday for the next 18 months, well Monday doesn't sound half bad, in fact, it has a mighty beautiful ring to it!!!

News from our sweet daughter, Danielle ~

I'm here!!!
And I've never seen so many trees in my WHOLE life! This place is so pretty!
I live in a little town called Hancock, in Maryland. 
My trainer, Sister Boman, from Ogden Utah calls it Radiator Springs, from Cars, but it is way bigger than Ktown.
Hancock is in the Appalachian mountains, and they actually do have some mountains here! You just can't see them because there are too many trees. You can't see anything because of the trees. But when you can see the mountains, it is wonderful. 

Have to write in a quick line she sent me in her first email ~ "I live in Hancock, Maryland and cover Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. 
Hancock = hiiick town. 
I love it!"
"Hick town" is the best thing I could think of for her first place to be...she will fit in mighty fine there!  :)  So long as all the cowboys don't distract her.  Just kidding!!!  Well, kinda...
Okay, back to Danielle!

It's hot, hot here! 
I learned this week what it means to sweat through an outfit. 
Like completely through it. 
It's an odd thing to do while wearing dress clothes. Haha. 
But it's getting better and the weather has cooled a bit the past few days. 
We live in the hottest apartment in all the mission. The elders live in an apartment that sits at 65 degrees no matter what. 
When I told Elder Dunn (MTC friend) that, he threw a fit for me and we will be getting some AC :) Hooooorrrraaayyy!!! 
The church is true!
(this ^ seems to be her "statement" each time something happens that she loves, like the chocolate milk being sacred liquid...crazy child!)

The language is coming along.  
(just a quick note here from me, she is NOT supposed to be learning a new language...English speaking is where she was sent, so this threw me for just a second and then I laughed.)
Turns out half the people here don't speak English...who knew?

Quote of the week #1: 
"Tomorrow I'm going to balmer to get surgery on my eyes" 
"to a balmer?" 
"Yeah to balmer." 
 *6 hours later* 
"OH! He said BalTImOrE!!!"

This weekend, we held "Buck Valley and Beyond!" out here in Hancock. 
Not kidding. 
This place is so Danielle, it's sick. 
I laughed so hard when I heard that. It was a history of the pioneers out here in MD. 
Which is funny, since they are in the east. 
But they told their stories differently than we do back home. 
They did a really good job with it and we had a lot of contact with non-menbers and investigators and less actives because of it.

Miracle of the week: 
Abe is an investigator that is working so hard to get baptized, but he is handicapped and has other health issues so he wouldn't be able to come to Buck Valley with out the weather cooling off. We prayed mightily over it. 
And we woke up SHIVERING! 
We always wake up sweaty, but not that morning! 
What the heck? 
It was pouring rain. 
Which was awesome, if it would stop before Buck Valley. 
We started our studies and kept praying. When we closed our studies and were getting ready to leave to go set up, we prayed that the rain would stop and the weather stay cool, and 5 minutes before set up, the rain STOPPED! and Abe and his whole entire family (big deal) made it to Buck Valley. Hooray!

Life here is so good! 
I love being a missionary!
I became a runner the first morning I got here! Who knew?

I also learned how to breathe water/really heavy air. 
My lungs are becoming weak like those of the east coast! I miss our thin air! But I don't have to take so many breaths each day haha.

More quotes of the week:
In the MTC we were doing role plays where we were practicing street contacting, and it went like this: I'm in the middle of trying to make headway with some black guy in Baltimore (Elder Dunn) and I'm getting no where, but we had basketball at 8 at the church. so I ask "So, what are you all doing at 8 tonight?" "...*eyebrow raise* Are you asking me on a date???" BAHAHA Nooooo!!  Then the brat told the story at Buck Valley.
Next, someone says, "I've never hated either one of you in my life, can I have your address?" Whaaa?

"Is that the ocean??" 
"Sister Little, we're flying over the United States..." 
(this is the same Sister Little that was at the MTC with her...she made me laugh with her comment of how "beautifully confusing" it was to have Sister Little and Sister Lytle sitting beside each other)

Last night we had no one to talk to because no one likes sister missionaries and cancel all their appointments with us. So we were not sure what to do since we had done everything we could think of, so we said a prayer, parked the car and started walking. As we passed the gas station, I saw two bikers and decided 
I don't know why that hit me. 
So I trucked my way over to them and Sister Boman had to follow. 
Two new investigators. 

I ate a cow this week! :( 
it was AWFUL!! 
seriously though, awful chili. 
And then they started introducing us to the cow... I stopped eating. 
(I have to interject again here, for those of you who don't know, this little girl of ours has been a vegetarian since the age of 3, so this is a really big deal!!!)
I managed to avoid the huge pork stuff last night at dinner. 
But I hate dinners :) 
I'll be okay though, 
Heavenly Father is helping me to be able to avoid it :) 
life is going to go on.
I love you all! 
I will talk to you soon!!!
Sister Lytle

I am a happy Mom now that I've heard from my girl...she is still just as crazy as ever!
Later, I will share a very special letter she sent to me.  Being a missionary momma is hard but it is also beautiful!