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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Are you LIVING or merely EXISTING?

Oscar Wilde once commented, 
“To Live is the rarest thing in the world.  
Most people Exist, that is all.” 

It’s a sad, even cynical comment; many of us may believe the words “live” and “exist” to be synonymous, but the difference is immeasurable!

So, what exactly is the difference between Living and Existing?

As I researched these two words I came up with only a couple of differing qualities—the one that stands out prominently in my mind is that living requires effort.   When one is really living, they are likely to be quite engaged, animated, vivacious, vigorous, active, spirited.  The primary requirement for existing is merely a state of being; to remain, to be fixed or set, to endure.

A proposal I would like to offer to each of us, myself very much included, would be to do a little introspection – be honest with yourself and answer the question:  Are you “Living” or merely “Existing”? 

Let’s explore some thoughts on the two, shall we?

I would like to suggest the following to be true – and don’t just take my word for it, but see if you agree and if you are able to relate in any way:

Living is Finding JOY and Happiness in your environment; existing is merely going through the day just surviving.

Living is reveling in the beauty and the creations of life; existing is being surrounded by these wonders, yet seldom noticing their existence and certainly not appreciating them.

Living is loving and serving others—it is reaching out to those in need; existing is the meaningless self-absorption so many fall into—it is turning inward.

Living is recognizing your dreams and goals and taking the steps to make them happen; existing is nothing more than wandering throughout life without any inkling of your purpose.

Living is waking each day and looking at the work before you with an attitude of enthusiasm, gratitude and passion; existing is viewing this same work as a burden that is drudgery and obligation.

Living is allowing yourself to LOVE fully and completely and unconditionally; it is the giving of your entire self and becoming vulnerable and exposed.  Existing is closing yourself off from all that is possible – building a brick wall in an effort to save your heart from any pain or possible disappointment.

Living is the realization that you only have this one life to live on this earth, and then embracing all that is out there, making the most of each and every moment.

Living starts the moment you make the decision to be comfortable in your own skin and love the person you are.  Existing is hiding behind all of the reasons you think you aren’t good enough and using them as excuses to not be living!

My question again is:  Are you Living or Existing?  
And if you find you are merely existing . . . 
WHAT are you going to do 
to start this beautiful experience of LIVING your life???

Wishing you a month full of the best LIVING you’ve ever experienced.

(Written as President's Message for DHSA...
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