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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Wounded people...wound people

When dealing with hard things that come from people we love, I've found myself telling my kids to remember these words ~

Wounded people...wound people.

That doesn't make the hurt go away.
It doesn't make it not real or any less painful.
BUT what it can do
is to help us look at that hurt through new eyes, if you will.

I have found that the people who lash out,
the people who are the most unkind,
the people who say and do the nastiest things to others,
are usually the ones
who need
someone to love them
and care for them
and accept them
and find the good in them
more than just about anyone else on this planet.

They hurt,
they are wounded
and in turn
they do what they know --
they wound others.

Doesn't make it right,
it does help those hurt by their actions or words
to stay in the right frame of thinking.

I try to teach my kids (and myself)
that all we can do is be the very best we can.
We can reach out to others
extend our friendship
and love them.
But even through all of this,
others still have a choice.
Some of them
to like you
or accept you
or be kind to you.

And it's okay...
it really is NOT a reflection on you.

It just is the way it is.
(REALLY HARD ONE to remember when it the midst of it all)

The next time someone acts in a way that wounds you to the very core,
try to step back...
take in a deep breath.
And if possible
forgive and forget --
know it is not you
(unless YOU REALLY did do something, which often is not the case)
and be okay...
move on
and try to never become the wounded that in turn wounds others.

If it is true that
wounded people...wound people,
then I think it's pretty safe to say that:

Cherished people...cherish people.
Respected people...respect people.
Loved people.

Ooohhh...I like that so much more!
Warm fuzzies happening here!  :)

We each make a difference every single day of our existence...
YOU have so much power over how others see themselves ~ especially the children you are raising...
Help them to see the beauty they possess,
the goodness that resides within their wonderful little bodies,
help them to feel surrounded by love and acceptance for who they are.

If we all did this, 
I really believe we'd start seeing the most amazing things happening in the world around us because
Cherished people REALLY do cherish people!

Much LOVE to you today!