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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review for "We Choose Virtues"

Our family has had the opportunity to review a curriculum that has a beautiful idea behind it!

In my opinion, Character Development is essential when raising children and that is the focus of the Curriculum I was asked to review -- We Choose Virtues.
In the mail came a great little package containing the following flashcards...

We Choose Virtues Flashcards

We spent some time going through these.
I love the color and sweetness of the artwork.
It is inviting...I also love the feel of the card.

We also had the opportunity to download coloring book pages.

This is where my family took off!
I printed each of the 12 pages ~

Obedient, Kind, Helpful,
Attentive, Content,
Gentle, Honest
Forgiving and Diligent...

I split them up between my little gang and we went to town coloring away...
Moms camera 521.JPG
I was a tad sneaky about my choices,
making sure to give certain "virtues"
to certain kiddos
who might just need a bit of extra help
in a certain little area.
I know, I might seem somewhat rotten,
BUT...a Mom has got to do what a Mom has got to do!!!
And this was perfect!

My kiddos took the time to color these pages and then we took it a step further by backing them on colored cardstock and then laminating
Moms camera 519.JPG
the final product so as to hang in a most prominent location in our home...the kids must walk past them numerous times each day as they go up and down the staircase.
camera card 001.JPG
Yes, totally on purpose ~ I want to cement in every way possible the Character Development I see as vital for our kiddos.We choose virtues 010.JPG

We made a little sign that hangs above all of the virtues that simply reads:
We choose virtues 008.JPG
and then each virtue is placed below.

We choose virtues 001.JPG

Prior to doing our coloring sheets, we did a little TEST, if you will.
I gave each of our kids and myself a copy of The We Choose Virtues Family Character Assessment.  This came as a download with the Teacher's Handbook.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that my kids had the opportunity to do a little introspection.
The Character Assessment focused on the 12 Virtues allowing them to rate themselves in each area.  This was a great exercise and opened up wonderful dialogue between my children and I., as a reviewer, I MUST be honest when doing "my job" here's the thing I didn't care for so much...

On the back of each of the postcards is a positve (which is fantastic) BUT it is then followed up with a NEGATIVE...(not so fantastic!)
For instance, on the I am HELPFUL card
you will find the words "I find things that need to be done and I do them."  I like this, it is reaffirming and positive.  BUT then they follow it up with this phrase, "I am NOT...selfish, lazy or unwilling to serve and I don't have to be asked!"  I am really not loving this.  I truly feel that if we focus on the positive we will reap the positive...if we put any attention toward the ugly ~ we just may end up seeing the ugly...
So that is my gripe about this program.

I still felt it was worthy of using and just left out what I didn't care for and focused on the POSITIVE when teaching/instilling these virtues with our children.

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