Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's Friday...what shall we do???

So what are your favorite things to do on a Friday afternoon?

Today was full of all sorts of random excitement at the Lytle Home!

just seem to go hand in hand,
I believe they were made for each other!

First thing on the list was making a new volcano...
it has been a few years and my younger kids were DYING to make one
and today seemed the perfect day!
I LOVE the creativity my kids possess!

I find it sooooooo very important to let them just go for it ~ any mess can be cleaned up with a little effort.

The only supplies they needed were found right in our extra expense!
They found a box in the garage, a milk jug, some poster board, a bunch of paper to crunch up for the texture of the volcano, a little masking tape, a bunch of duct tape (that makes EVERY project better, or so says my boys!) and a few bottles of paint. 
Put on the painting smocks and go to town
a beautiful Volcano appears!!!

After making this amazing looking volcano, it is time to put it to the high can we make it go?  How much of a mess can we possibly muster up???
THIS looks like an outside experiment for sure!!!

Dad and the kids grabbed the industrial size bag of baking soda along with the gallon jug of vinegar ~ Let the fun begin!!!

Like all science projects...we came up with ideas of what we'll do NEXT time...
Some of the kids were a little disappointed that we didn't have a massive eruption with spewing lava, but I think they still got the whole gist of it....too many movies is my guess!
And I just have to say again how truly lovely that volcano was...they did one magnificent job!!!
Did you know that a volcano could be lovely???  That may be taking a bit too far...but since I get to write about it, I also get to say it like I see it!  :0)

The next project ~ Goop or Gack or whatever you'd like to call it!!!
This has been a favorite around here for quite some time and they never seem to tire of it...
If you've not tried it, give it a will be a hit!!!

Just two simple ingredients ~ Cornstarch and Water...
You'll need a little (or a lot) cornstarch (if you live in this house...A LOT is going to be in order!)
and water...
just enough water to mix it up...again the amount will depend on your kiddos...
remember for us there is at least one entire BOX of Cornstarch, and if they can sneak in a couple, they'll be doing just add water until it "feels" right.  :)
this stuff is amazing and provides mass amounts of fun for all ages!
How will you know if it feels right???
If you HIT it, it feels hard as a brick
BUT if you put it in your hand, before you know it, it'll be running between your fingers...
CRAZY stuff!!! 
Can't go wrong with this refreshing...a science experiment that WILL work every time!!!

The next project ~ GEYSERS!!!
This one is a bit crazy...AND it might make you stop and think about what you are drinking.

A bottle of pop and a roll of  mentos

At first we tried a bottle of Mountain Dew...
we were guessing that it might be pretty impressive ~ not so much...
it just fizzled out the geyser to speak of.  DANG!

Then one of the boys remembered that DIET COKE was the Key Ingredient...

Our neighbor was on her way to the store and picked us up a bottle.

YES, we drew quite the crowd with all of our excitement outside!!!
I wonder what our poor neighbors must think????
We do seem to be a bit odd when I think about it...
It seems rather normal to me to be blowing things up outside and to be mummifying chickens and painting all the rocks in our front yard, BUT as I consider what others may think, we may seem a tad bit strange, unusual, even slightly peculiar???  :0)
OH well...
Gotta do the fun stuff ~ Life is too short to try to fit in all the time!

I missed the photo moment...but this geyser was much more impressive!!!
The boys wanted to go grab a 2 liter of diet coke and give it another whirl...
next time!

All these experiments and fun make me remember why I love homeschooling my kids...
There are definitely days that I pause to wonder WHY do I do this crazy life...
and then I remember that I LOVE THIS CRAZY LIFE and I would live it no other way!

FriDays = Smile Days!