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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Power of Words

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, 
but words will never hurt me.”

I recall hearing these very words as a young child.  
I did not question their validity; 
I don’t know that I even gave them much of a thought.  
It was just something we would call out if we needed a boost of courage during an ugly moment.  
It would often end the dispute and all was well.  
As an adult, I take issue with this statement.

Words have lasting effect for good or otherwise.  
And once spoken cannot be taken back.
Words contain power; 
they have a force that penetrates deep within.  
When used correctly, our words build, support and encourage.  
When used incorrectly, the damage is far greater than any stick or stone could inflict.
Words can help us to achieve our best and highest aspirations or leave us feeling distraught and defeated.

All too often, we don’t consider how meaningful and impactful the words we share with the world may be.  
Are we building or demolishing?  
Are we cheering and sustaining 
or discouraging and condemning?  

This world needs a little more tenderness, warmth and affection…
and what better place to start than in our very homes?!

As we ponder the words that may come from our lips to the ones we most cherish in this world, we would do well to choose them wisely. 
In our home, I have the words, 
"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice",

displayed where I see them many times each day.  
There is a purpose in this.  
I cannot say that I have always thought before speaking, 
or that I have always chosen the very best words to share with those I love.  
There are times of high frustration that I speak and wish I could take back the ugliness that flew from my mouth, but I cannot.  
Knowing all too well the lasting effect of harsh words, I strive to be better and to share words of kindness and encouragement with our kids. 
The words spoken to us 
as well as the words we tell ourselves, 
have a lasting footprint on our hearts.  
And just as the quote above states, 
the words we hear directed to us become our inner voice.  
I wish for the inner voice of my children to be filled with all the positives this world has and be spared the negative, heartbreaking thoughts they would be better off without.   

When I think of how my words impact others, I draw in a deep breath, and choose biting my tongue near in half, if necessary, just to spare the negative effects of a nasty word during moments of strife and contention.
As a mother, I would like the power of my words to be for good – to boost our children, to enlighten, to inspire, to motivate and invigorate, to embolden and fortify them against all that life may throw their way.  
The last thing they need is a mother to use words that might kill the beautiful spirit they possess, or to belittle and deprecate the amazing power they have within.  
So I will be shouting out all the beautiful words that come to mind as I think of how lucky I am to be the mother of this amazing family! 
What words would you choose to share with your kids if you had but just a few words to leave them with???
Wishing you a month filled with powerful words that will create lasting bonds between you and your sweet families!


(Written as DHSA President's Message for April)