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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Singing, Baptisms, Bike Riding and Trials.....

News from Danielle...she has been having a bit of a rough time, sometimes girls are not the very nicest, but she is happy and doing well.  Check out her happy stories below.  :)

It's the best week ever!
I have way too many good stories to tell, and I probably won't get to them all, SO I'll start with the happiest.
It was such an incredible day.
Brother Schneider had kept the program a secret from his wife, and had planned it all out for her.
The chapel was totally packed. 
She had family from out of town come in, 
all kinds of friends, 
and basically the whole ward there to support their family.

Sister Shumway and I sang Come Thou Fount. 
(What I would have given to be there to hear my sweet girl sing this song!!!)

It was a really pretty arrangement, but Sister Schneider cried through the whole thing. 
Afterwards she asked if Andy had changed the song on us last second. We told her that we hadn't, that it had been planned for several weeks. 
A few days before her baptism, they watched a movie with that song in it and she told us how much she fell in love with it. 
How perfect is that?
Once all the talks and things were finished, we went into the font room, (which was too full to fit everyone,) and her husband, Andy, baptized her. 
The feelings in that room were so strong. 
When she came out of the water, her face was just beaming. 
They hugged and basically everyone in the room who wasn't already crying, started crying. And then they all clapped :) it was so sweet.

Truth- Sometimes being a missionary isn't very fun, or happy, or exciting. 
And sometimes you just want to go to bed forever.   :(
(This mom wants to hop on the next plane and go wrap her arms around her girl...but instead, I will love her from here and encourage and uplift her every chance I get...
but wait for it, 
her strength shines through!!!)
But after seeing their family grow together and know that they can now become and eternal family, it's all worth it.   :)
Every bad day, 
every mean person, 
every disappointment, 
so what? 
NOTHING could feel so good as the spirit in the church last Saturday. 
I'd do it all again just for that. 
The church is so true. 
I know it. 
(are you crying, because I sure am...she is just amazing!)

Some other crazy things from the week:
We rode bikes! 
It was awful... 
(one of those "not fun" things haha.) 
My dang bike was falling apart on me all day long! 
The front tire and handlebars like to turn in opposite directions. 
The handlebars also like to fall off. 
The seat isn't stationary. 
The chain sometimes likes to go on vacation. 
One of the many 'pit stops' I had to take took place in front of a house. 
On that house was a porch. 
On that porch were some men. 
The following narration depicts our conversation:
"Yaaaall like ta party?"
(louder) "Yall like ta party?"
*super ignore*
Silly guy thought I had intentions of STAYING on "his" property. 
We also met our mailman this week 
(while we were locked out of our apartment...oops
"I'm John, John Bytheway" 
Either he's mocking us, or in disguise. 
We're not really sure which....
Quann Quote of the week:
"Where's that brother with the 8 kids?"
"They ALL have 8 kids..."
"The trials of life can be very deep and we are not shallow people if we struggle with them." -Elder Holland

So love this sweet girl...she strengthens me each time I hear from her.  Wow, do I miss her this week, must be because of Easter and knowing she has been struggling.  I love her testimony and her willingness to endure, stay true and keep pushing even during the hard times.  I think I'll go cuddle with my little ones, maybe that will help the ache in my heart a little.