Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What do I "DO"???

I think I will forever be surprised by myself and by little things that scare, intimidate or frighten me...

Yep ~ I AM a baby through and through!

Tonight I will be amongst a group of women that I love and is a Mothers Meeting night for the homeschooling community...yippee!  I know most of these women (if not all of them), they are my friends, I love them, and I share so many things in common with them.

So what does this have anything to do with my first statement?  It has EVERYTHING to do with it!

This evening as we gather together...we will each have a few minutes to highlight WHO we are, WHAT we do; essentially the things we love (outside of our family and our homeschooling world)...

So, why am I being a baby about this whole topic?
I haven't exactly put my finger on it quite yet...I'm thinking of the "things I do" or  the "things I love";
are any of them special or significant or exciting or, or, or...
Is there anything?  REALLY? 

My first response is "No, nothing too fabulous to shout about!  I'm just me, I just do the things I do."  

I find myself wishing that I could arrive and WOW everyone with some amazing piece of instrumental music, or show off a beautiful creation I've just completed, or leave them spell-bound as I share eloquent thoughts on something extraordinary... 
There really isn't anything that magnificent that I could share. 

As I write that I wonder how many other women feel and think similar thoughts
(Probably JUST ME...I'm a little wacko!) 
Sometimes I wonder why I even write the things I do...
I guess just so I can get my thoughts together and out of me...
it's much cheaper than therapy.  :0) 
Moving on ~

Most of these women (any of them who have known me for any deal of time) know about the things I do outside of my homeschooling world.
Why? Well, because much of it involves them...
HOW? Well, because I guess I've "chosen" them to try to pamper and validate and uplift when they are doubtful. I love to put on events that make other Mommas happy, that lift their spirits, that make them want to go back home and keep doing their "life".  These things fill my cup!

Outside of doing those sorts of things, I hang out with my family, I am the Mom, I do "Mom things"...
Luckily I find a great deal of joy in most of those Mom things...
I LOVE to cook ~ I'm thinking I love this because it makes others happy, it fills their bellies and if it's yummy enough I believe it fills their hearts as well...we can truly find JOY in a scrumptious treat or a deliciously satisfying meal.  I love to hear my family as they "ooh and ah" over something they are enjoying.
I LOVE to play with my family and my friends...being outdoors is really the best; whether it is on our motorcycles, snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, or just on our feet as we go tullying around. 
I LOVE to read, but find most of the reading I do is with my kiddos...if it is for myself, I am always in the middle of 4 or 5 books, usually having something to do with learning...I LOVE to be learning!
What else do I DO?  Well, I run our business...if you haven't seen what we do, here is our website...
I spend a lot of time doing networking and marketing. 
I am the voice on the end of the phone when someone calls to schedule, I really do enjoy this...

I guess I just LOVE people...especially Happy People.
I think I have this personal challenge ~ I REALLY, Really, really wish for people to be happy and I do all that I possibly can to bring a little touch of Joy to everyone I meet each day.
If I go to a grocery store and the person helping me out is "less-than-happy" I can almost always bring a smile to their face before I leave.  I often have clients comment to me that I've made their day by answering the phone.  I even had one client who used to say, "I love to listen to your message, it makes me smile every time I hear your voice!" 

So...guess what...I feel a little better now.
I don't do any ONE THING really fabulously...I just do a whole bunch of little things the very best I can and ya know what???  I am pretty happy with that...

This little therapy session has been quite productive!  Tonight is going to be fantastic...cannot wait!