Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Riding on Powdered Sugar!

Happy Birthday Wishes were in order
for My Hubby and one of our greatest friends, Rick!
Rick, Corrie, Chad and I headed to the mountains to enjoy a day of snowmobiling to celebrate the birth of these two wonderful men!.

The snow was lovely
and more snow was dropping from the skies above ~
Perfect day!

We found some pretty deep snow...
do you think this wonderful little hubby of mine could stay where it wasn't TOO deep? 
NO, how silly! 
When you are a BIG BOY,
you MUST show us how it is done. 

Just have to tease him...
If the truth be told, I was the one who dumped the snowmobile over twice! 
Both times with Corrie on the back of me...oops!
Couldn't believe it...going along just fine and then
It's kind of a funny thing, looking back on it, I can almost see it all in slow motion...crazy!
So glad snow is soft!

And this snow was amazingly perfect.

The best way to describe it...hmmm....
Picture yourself jumping right into a pile of powdered sugar
The powder goes a flyin'
That is exactly what the snow was like on this perfect day...
powder just flying as we blew threw it all.
(I really wanted to be able to take a photo to capture the beauty of the snow flying off the sides of the snowmobiles ahead of me, BUT I was a little fearful I might crash into a tree if I was paying too close attention to a photography I missed out on that'll just have to take my word for was phenomenal!!!)

We took a little break and stopped in at Baumgartner Hot Springs...
Here's Chad warming his buns!
Crazy Man!!!!!

We had such a great time soaking in the hot water.

There is something pretty magical about being outside,
in the mountains,
and floating about in hot water
while snowflakes are dropping all around! 
I could get used to that...very, very happy place for me!!!

At one point in the day, Chad stopped and said, "Can we come again tomorrow?" 
He so reminds me of a little boy some days. 

Now fast forward just a few days...

This is a first!
I don't think I've ever had a shot of Chad on his birthday in a restaurant.

It was hysterical...
we're sitting across the table from our friends, The Millers,
and around the corner comes this big ol' band of El Gallo Giro Staff singin' away!!!
I think Chad turned every shade of red...
LOVED IT!  Priceless moment (thanks Robert!)

I'm thinking this adorable man of mine got plenty of spoiling this year...friends all over the place spending time celebrating what a fantastic man he is! 
Add a whole slew of kiddos in the picture and he had it made...
the homemade cards and drawings were a treasure for sure.

Happy Birthday Sweet Man of Mine ~ I LOVE YOU ~
thanks for making my heart pitter~patter after all these wonderful years!