Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Garden Fairies and Escalators...

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Casserific!!!!!! 
Oh how I love you and your beautiful blue eyes!

 When I think of this adorable little child of ours,
my heart is filled with everything that is sweet and simple and genuine and true...she is one precious little person!
When I am planning to make just the right cake for all these kiddos of mine,
I always think about what kinds of things they LOVE and what reminds me of them...
this little garden fairy cake so perfectly represents
the sweetness that Cassie possesses;
then add in a few beautiful flowers
and a couple delicate butterflies
and you have the complete picture of our little princess!!! 

As I made her cake I had to smile with the many thoughts I had of her...
she is such a gentle, kind little spirit; so happy, so loving and giving. 
She can be so quiet at times that I am afraid she gets overlooked and I worry that I may neglect giving the attention she deserves. 
I hope she always knows how special she is to me!

Each time a birthday rolls around in the Lytle Home...
the birthday boy or girl is treated to a special birthday breakfast with Mom and Dad...
Early on this little child's birthday,
she and her little sister come into our room pleading to let the little one come along,
"it just wouldn't be the same without having her there!"
(just one more example of Cassie's beautiful little ways)

So off to breakfast the four of us went. 
After our delicious meal, we dropped Daddy off and
then headed off a little girl paradise!!!
~ BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP in the Mall  ~

I had to laugh because as we were approaching the Mall, our birthday girl wanted so badly to just ride the escalators all day. 
Her exact words were, "Momma, do you think we can ride ALL the escalators today, they are so much fun and I haven't even seen one in like two years!!!"
(NOTE:  We really do not EVER go into the Mall, so it is a true treat to these little ones of mine to go on such an outing...)

So being the kind of momma I am...we did just exactly as was asked...we rode escalator after escalator after escalator...we rode up and down and then moved on to a new one and rode up and down again.  I was sure they would tire of it eventually, how wrong I was! 
It was a fabulous experience for them! 
FUNNY, Funny, girls!!!

We spent a Verrrryyyyyyyyyy Loonnnnnggggggggg time in Build a Bear...
So many decisions...
So much to think about...
First, which animal is just the right one?
After that BIG decision, in goes the stuffing and the heart to bring this wonderful little friend to life...
then the primping (AS shown in the above photo)...
all the hair must be brushed and blown and looking just so!
Oh the clothing choices...
Nearly every outfit should be tried on these little friends of ours;
oh, and let's not forget the very important shoes and hair bows!

Well...we finally finish up with all of this and then the final decision...
What is the most perfect name to give to this newly treasured friend???

We ended up with Sunny (a little yellow chick) and Lucky (a little green bear).

Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl ~ How I treasure every single little thing about YOU!!!
Thank you for lighting up my life!