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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Is that not the perfect name for a perfect boy? perfect as a boy can be?!

Today marked 11 years that I have been blessed to be Momma to this sweet little man.
I remember the day we had him...
he was the tiniest, weakest, frailest little person I had ever touched.  
And he was mine...I was so determined he would be okay...I just knew he would grow and become healthy and strong.  He just had to, I held him and loved him and nurtured him.
It is still so vivid in my mind ~  
His little body looked more like a little Raggedy Ann or Andy doll than a real little person.  
If you held his little body out in front of you to gaze at just how adorable he was,
his little arms and legs would just flop back...
no muscle tone, no umph to him...
he struggled for the first few days and for many years I worried that he'd be frail and tender, but thanks to being the 5th child and the younger of 2 big ornery brothers, he has become anything but frail and without muscle tone...I'm certain in no time at all, I'll be looking up when I wish to speak with him!  Those legs that were so much smaller than my thumb now run and jump and play and never seem to tire!

I loved when I asked him what he'd most like to have for his birthday, his reply was sweet and simple...he didn't ask for grand items, he simply wished for a belt with a cool buckle and maybe some headphones and a cherry pie.

I baked my heart out for this sweet little guy today...5 pies...I might add that they were mighty tasty!!!!  He is a typical boy and LOVES it when I cook what he loves to eat...I think there may be some serious truth in the thought that the way to a boys heart is through his stomach...seems to do the trick around here more often than not!

Happy Birthday to you, my sweet Wyatt...I love you more than words could ever express...thank you for lighting up my world with your smile!