Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

More summer fun :0)

Oh my gosh...
doesn't that smile just make you want to smile right back??? 
That is my little one and her smile is so contagious...loved this photo!!! 
On my last post, I promised a little more summer fun and it is time to produce...

We, along with a couple of families that we have a little co-op with, met up for a day of fun and learning at the zoo. 
Our two top things to see ~
For some reason, I don't have a single photo of the birds, but thanks to Jerusha, I have a list that we'll be doing a little more study from.  The birds there were marvelous!  What a treat for our kiddos and for me!

a shot of the whole relieved this thing doesn't really run...
cause I have no doubt they'd have come up with some plan
and they'd have been off and then I'd have been runnin'!

I am just pulled in by such beauty...and it's yellow...that makes it even happier to look at!
I need to plant some of these ~ haven't the foggiest idea what they are ~ gotta do a little research...
if you know, please do share  ;0)

Two little friends checking out their map...where are the Toucans???
Six years old navigating ~ there must be something wrong with this picture!


Soooo amazing...
we've never visited the Butterfly Exhibit...
if you haven't taken the time to go ~ DO IT!!! 
You will not be disappointed! 
The Butterflies were beyond sensational to see...
I could have sat for hours just watching them ~
Each of us were pleasantly surprised when one would flitter by and take a little rest upon our arm. 
I tried to catch those shots, got a few, but those little hummers are fast!

When I was just a little girl, my Dad always called butterflies "Flutterbies"
As we walked among all of these beautiful little specimens of nature, I so enjoyed watching them flutter about and couldn't help but think my Dad really had it right.
Our kiddos laugh every time we call them by this sweet little name ~
just makes me smile!

This one landed on my arm...look at the size of that just rested on me for the longest time...
this photo doesn't even do it justice ~ the blue was magnificent!

All these cute little people are fully prepared for our boat journey...
we are off to AFRICA...
This was another attraction we had not seen or experienced at the Zoo -- FUN!!!
On our little expedition we saw something you can only see from this wonderful little boat ~
Black Mengabey Monkeys
Imagine a monkey that looks pretty much identical
(with the exception of coloring)
and you've got a picture in your mind of that little creature!
Positively Hysterical!!!

We spent some time inside the little education building ~
the girls weighed and measured up ~
This is what they found:
Cassie is as tall as a Kangaroo and weighs as much as a Baboon, while
Natalie is as tall as a Hippopotamus and weighs the same as an Ant Eater.
We had a good laugh at that one!

On another note:
Two of our boys made and mastered the art of using Marionette Puppets during Scouts earlier this summer.
LOVED their creations!
Shots of the whole puppet show turned out completely blurry ~ what a bummer!
I had to throw these photos in with our zoo days ~
Well because it was just another bird moment!
Well, that and check out how cute those little boys of mine are ~ couldn't pass up the chance to look at their adorable little faces!!!

During our visit to the Zoo, some of our favorite winged friends we saw were: 
The West African Crowned Crane, The Bald Eagle, The Indian Sarus Crane, The Victoria Crowned Pigeon, The Rufous-Crowned Roller, Weaver Birds, The Turaco, The Trumpeter Hornbill, The Black-Casqued Hornbill, The Andean Condor, Temmick's Tragopan Pheasant, Laughing Kookaburra and the many adorable Penguins.  Oh and I can't forget our other winged friends, the Flutterbies...

I do have to say that among all of these amazing creations, I tend to really find fascination in the Cranes ~ there is an elegance about them ~
One day our kiddos and I were lucky enough to see a large crane land in our creek and sit awhile for a rest...what a magnificent sight...I love living "out here"! 

As we checked out each of the birds during our visit to the zoo, I again found myself lingering to thoroughly check out these beautiful cranes ~ maybe I'm just wishing I had a set of those long legs ~
I know -- I'm a little whacked!!!

Well, until next time ~
wishing you a practically perfect in every way day!