Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Busy July Days!

Started my day off with some wonderful exercise...laps around the track and running the bleachers are a true test for lungs...the good news...I'm still alive!

After catching my breath, I came home, jumped in the shower, hurried myself along and got all the kiddos up and then out the door to the Buckaroo Breakfast for the Snake River Stampede
The older kids worked it, little kids and I ate the breakfast  :0)
My Big Kids were on Clean-Up detail ~ fun stuff! 
Well, while they were doing their thing, I took our three youngest out back to the amphitheater area ~ those kiddos took one look at the stage and made a run for it
How I wish I would have had a video camera!  Priceless moment!

Wyatt and Cassie are rocking out and Natalie is dancing across the stage ~ ballerina style. 
Oh my gosh, it was adorable!  Each of their personalities were just shining up on that stage...
I love the beauty of young children --
they are not afraid to just be who they are --
no inhibitions to stop them --
no worries about someone thinking they might make a fool of themselves --
just sweet, genuine indulgence of fulfilling every dream! 
Now, I say this, because as I looked at that same stage, thoughts also crossed my mind,
"Oh how fun would it be to be on top of that stage just singin' my heart out, etc, etc...." 
But then my "not-so-fun-side of my brain" stops me from actually acting on that impulse; the part of my brain that reminds me I am less than stage quality ~
I was not blessed with the singing or dancing talent,
I just love them both!
Makes me wonder what line I was standing in up there in the pre-mortal world when I missed out on getting these awesome talents! 
What did I think was more important???

Watching others "up there" fulfilling their dreams just makes me want to join in on that same amazing experience..  Their energy on stage is invigorating, makes me crave that same excitement.
I felt that same energy as I watched my sweet kiddos today ~
I am actually kinda kicking myself in the buns cause
I had the chance to run up there WITH THEM...
now that would have been a moment I'm sure they would always remember...
darn that not-so-fun part of me!

I really do try to be a fun mom...I didn't stop my kids from being on the stage, BUT I did stop them when they wanted to climb the rope ladder that leads to the lighting wayyyy up high.  That one just wasn't gonna happen!!!   Oh how I want them to dream and to not be afraid to act on their dreams,
but climbing up that crazy ladder goes beyond what I thought was okay,
if they were to get stuck up on top
 and be "afraid" to come down ~
who would rescue them? 
Not I!!! 
Not so sure I could make it up there without having a massive coronary attack. 

The rest of our day was pretty busy...felt like I never stopped the entire day!

We headed out to the library for one of their little summer programs for the kids.  We have made it to several this summer and I have been so impressed and pleased.  Well, today they had one for little kiddos, ages 5-7, who are in the losing teeth stage.  They read stories to them, told them different customs around the world for children who lose their teeth and then they each made a little pillow for their teeth for the tooth fairy.  Adorable!   Can't hardly believe I am on my last one to lose teeth ~ seems a little strange somedays!

This evening we were back to the Snake River Stampede...three of the kids volunteered to work concessions for 4-H...we've done this for many years ~ I was actually a little disappointed to not be joining them tonight, but my hubby wasn't able to be with us and it is just too much to do by myself with a bunch of little people running around, so the little girls and I came home and watched Tangled in my room while we folded and hung 7 baskets of clean laundry...
How and Why do we have sooo many clothes??? 
Ridiculous ~
I think I could be seriously rich with the invention of disposable clothing,
yes it would be nice fitting and fashionable and all,
but would not require laundering...
just wear it a couple times,
when it looks soiled,
simply toss it and replace. 
I know it's really not feasible, but one can dream! 

I talked with my hubby this afternoon, he and one of our boys have been up at Scout's awfully quiet with them missing! Speaking of "missing", I am missing them both! My sweet hubby is coming home early in the morning and sweet son coming home on Saturday...I'll be happy to have us all back together again! Can't sleep when he's gone, so that is why I am rambling about on this silly blog of mine. Helps to pass the night away. I know I should be cleaning toilets or something...but this is much more relaxing...and hey the laundry is done, well it was done, until the kids took off their clothes tonight and now an entire basket is full again!  Oh well, such is life  :0)

The next couple of weeks hold much activity for this little family of ours...Rodeos and we come!
August ~ I'm gonna be ready for a really great nap!