Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Concerts and Canoes...

I am feeling pretty darn special...two date nights in one lucky am I????

First date, Friday evening we were invited by some great friends to go out on our
Moonlight Canoe Ride
~ I have to tell you that this ranks right up there with my very favorite date nights EVER...I could do without the mosquitoes, but other than that, it is just about perfect!

This year was almost as eventful as last year ~ we had some yummy dinner then visited a new ice cream place...super fun...(note to self: gotta take our kiddos there) ~ it was called SUB-ZERO.  My only problem with it was there are far too many choices and not enough pictures or taste testers, samples come in handy when you aren't sure if you're gonna like it or not.   But my little ice cream creation was pretty tasty  :0) 

okay, moving on to the eventful canoe ride, sorry I get a little side-tracked at times...
Well, we were watching the sky, wondering if the clouds were going to pass on by or if they were something to be concerned about.  They were looking fairly harmless, so we headed to our destination, arriving shortly after 10 p.m..  Usually we are already on the water by now, so this was a new adventure.  The water was running much higher than it had in the past which added a new dimension of adventure to this already exciting trip, even loading into the water was different.

Now do not get me wrong that this was anything less than a pleasant night, it was fabulous!  I've just come to the conclusion that I will never again enter a canoe if there is a cloud present in the sky, because that cloud will certainly multiply and then dump buckets on  us.  The reason I know this is that we have now experienced this amazing little rendezvous two years in a row.  

So, do let me share with you how very exciting this night was....
About half way into our little trip, off  in the distance were a few lightning bolts, not too much to worry about as they were not too close.  But that quickly changed as the winds came up and moved that lovely little storm right over the top of us!
 I remember asking Chad, "What is that noise?" 
I was becoming a little fearful, the sound too closely resembled that of fierce rapids, I had not remembered ever encountering rapids on this peaceful moonlight canoe ride,much to my delight, rapids were not part of the equation.  Just about the time that Chad said, "I think that is rain...", we were pelted by giant balls of's almost humorous to think about now as we quickly covered our heads with our paddles to save ourselves from the beating.  To add to the excitement of this night, the wonderful full moon that was to light our way, was now hiding behind the cloud cover making navigation a bit of a challenge.  With the high water, the sandbars that our hubbies had anticipated, were not located where they had been in the past.  We'd be paddlin' along when all of a sudden there was an abrupt halt...that dear hubby of mine would willingly sacrifice himself as he crawled out of the canoe pushing us to deeper water, all the while, I sat on my little seat.  Yeah, I got it made  :0) 

Just last year we had a very similar experience, but that experience came with a degree of naivety...the women (yes, myself included) were not really certain if we would die in a lightning storm on the water in metal canoes, our husbands assured us that we'd be just fine as they made up little things to make us feel better.  Well, those little stories changed after we'd hit shore and were safe and sound.  So, on this trip when the lightning started up, we knew we were not really okay.  I might just say this added a level of fear and anxiety that I had not anticipated. 
All I could think to myself was that Heavenly Father was probably up there saying something along the lines of, "Hey stupid, I already saved you once, why are you pushing your luck again?"  Well, after arriving on the shore safely again, I have now vowed that I will never, ever, ever enter another canoe if there is even a single cloud in the sky, there will be no wondering.

On that little note though, I do have to say, the adventures that I have had with my hubby have made for some pretty phenomenal memories ~ can't really think that I'll ever forget these two little moonlight canoe rides  :0)

Second Date ~ Yes, I know I am spoiled rotten  :0) 
Saturday evening we had free tickets to the
Stampede for the Cure Summer was held outside, the evening was perfect, beautiful weather, fun music to listen to and I was able to be out with my hubby for the second night in a row!
 At one point in the show, the entertainer called out for us to all join him in singing and then said you probably didn't come here to sing, but to listen. 
That's when I leaned over to my hubby and said,
"oh not me, I definitely came here to sing and had I been born with an amazing voice, I'd be right up there on that stage having a good ol' time!" 
I'm pretty sure my hubby thinks I am crazy...
I had such a fun night singing along to all of the songs I knew. 
But maybe the very best part of the evening was when I looked over at Chad as I was singing along and he was just looking at me with the sweetest, most tender look and he leaned in to me and told me how beautiful I looked and that he loved the flower I had in my hair. 
How sweet is that???? 
I'm telling ya I was feeling like a million bucks about that time! 

Concerts and Canoes all in one weekend....Lucky me...  :0)