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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Just a dizzy blond :0)

For the past two weeks, I've been dealing with VERTIGO...

It's funny how you may have heard of a word, yet, it had no significance to you, THEN you have the opportunity to EXPERIENCE that word...and whammy ~ the significance is there! 

That would sum up my feelings toward
that little *v-word*!
I do see that 7- letter v-word
ranking right up there with some of the biggest of the biggest of other bad words!!!
It's down right NASTY and now quite significant to me!

Two weeks of dizziness and unseemingly out of my mind experiences filled with bouts of what I thought were falling to my death from my bed as I would frantically hang on to my husband for dear life... have been a bit much for me. 
I think I'm grateful I had my eyes squeezed as tightly as possible during those moments of slight insanity; not too sure I'd like to have seen my husbands reaction as he very calmly and quietly reminded me that I was laying down in the middle of the bed and I could not fall on the floor and that I really was okay...
once again he proves himself as my knight in shining armor. 
I would hate to try to recall all the "things" I've had to put my husband through
~ not by my choice, mind you ~
yet, he's still had a lot to deal with and he keeps shining in my eyes.  
Yes, he does belong right up there on that little pedestal! 

I am finally able to walk around without holding on to him for dear life, I can stand and walk and turn my driving yet, but I'm hoping by the end of the week, I'll be back to my normal self. 
My poor family has struggled through this past couple weeks, I'm pretty sure they are tired of wingin' it for themselves as I sit on the couch directing traffic, if you will. 

And speaking of sitting on the couch...
Aauugghhhhhhhh....WHO in their RIGHT mind would wish to do this day in and day out???
This has just about been the end of me.
I NEED to be up and about and busy and doing things, I NEED to be productive.
This whole couch potato,
lounge lizard,
bon-bon eating while watching the soaps life
is NOT FOR ME!!! 
My kids have teased me that all I do is sit around watching TV...
I think they are getting a kick out of because I DO NOT enjoy TV time and I really don't like for them to enjoy TV time either...
but when you have nothing else you can do, it's a good way to pass the endless hours of dizziness of each day. 
It has made me crazy that I couldn't pick up a good book or do some of my studying or do any writing...but all of that just increased the dizziness and craziness of my mind a hundred fold, so FOOD NETWORK became my closest companion...

Now let's talk about my newest friend ~
the lovely FOOD NETWORK ~
yes, I have found them quite worthy of the title of "Friend"...
they were there for me when I was in the greatest of need,
they provided some great inspiration,
endless hours of entertainment,
at the click of a button ~ *poof* ~ like magic, they appeared... and were happy to stay until I was too tired to invest any more time to our relationship,

I enjoyed my time with them very much and I felt as though I ate some of the tastiest dishes ever, right alongside a great friend...  (albeit, I never actually enjoyed a morsel, but I pretended...I'm pretty good at that!) 
I laughed at some of their experiences
and even found myself shedding a few tears when they met defeat
(I know, sounds ridiculous, but I have been just a bit emotional these past few days)
And besides the part of my sounding completely was a great relationship, yes ~ quite one-sided as they did all the giving and I just took and took and took, but if you're going to do that to a "friend" it might as well be the Food Network ~ I'm sure it didn't affect them in the least!

The best part of it...
Once again, I have the most intense desire and motivation to get back in my kitchen and whip up some amazing Kitchen Creations...
I really do LOVE to cook and bake and create...
I just lost my love for it over this past many years of kids turning up their noses
When time after time our kids commented that Top Ramen is superior to a meal I had labored over for a good portion of my afternoon/evening, I gave up...
I was defeated and the sad part is that I lost a love I had...the love of cooking and creating in my very own space. 
THAT LOVE IS BACK!!!  Yippee...

(and the other best part is that I'm quite certain my kiddos have had their fill of top ramen and all the other junk I don't usually let them have all the time...I think they will welcome some good home cooked meals!)

Now, I just have to be patient for a few more days until I feel stable and well enough to stand in my kitchen and get busy...I'm giving it until Friday and then that's it...I NEED to be back to ME.  So be on the look out for some fantabulous dishes coming your way!

Until then, I'm gonna be proving to my hubby that I am not just a dizzy blond! 
One more great reason to have this little episode with that *v-word* come to a close.
Good-bye Dizzy Days...You and I need to part ways!