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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Moving time again for Danielle...

My days in Eldersburg have come to an end.
They're sending me to SAVAGE MILL.
Ideal place to preach the gospel, eh??
But really, Savage Mill is a super nice area from what I've heard. 
It's in Howard county, which is the richest county in the country. 
So that's a little crazy! It should be fun though.

My new companion is super tall, and that'll be different too! 
I've always been the tall one, especially the last 6 weeks with my mini companion. All kinds of changes coming my way :) 
I'm going to miss Eldersburg a ton though! This has been such a great area, and I've made so many friends here. Saying goodbye to everyone will be tough (like always, transfers are never easy!) but it will be good :) goodbye doesn't mean forever. 
I swear, people here can smell transfers coming. Without even mentioning that they're getting close, people just know it's coming up. The past week EVERYONE and their dog has made comments along the lines of, "Well we know you'll be leaving soon." Haha those brats! 
We were over at Sister Kincaid's home a few nights ago, (her husband is the one who died recently, and I sang at his funeral) and she said, "Sister Ladle has been here for so long, she's family now. Even when you leave, you'll always be family." 
It kills me! 
I never guessed I'd fall in love with so many East Coasters. 
But I worry that it'll be *almost* as hard coming home as it was LEAVING home!  
One of our members invited two of her friends to church last week, and they both came. We talked to Brenda and Casey for a while and they were super sweet!
A few days later, Brenda told her friend that she had never felt so much peace in her whole life.
On Sunday, they were back in church. Afterwards we went and had lunch together and taught them the first lesson. It was so powerful... The feelings on love were so strong in that room. We basically all just cried through the whole lesson. It was amazing.
The church is so dang true!
Sister Lytle