Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Fun with your Kiddos!!!


The “Official” school year has come to a close…
And SUMMER is upon us!

This month, I’d like to give you a short list (maybe a long one, we’ll see!) 
of fun ideas to do with your kiddos over the warm summer months.  
It’s definitely time to give yourself a little break and enjoy those kiddos you’ve been blessed with!!!

As soon as I hit "Publish", I'm outta here with my little clan...
off to the park with a picnic basket in hand, a blanket and a book to read aloud.  We'll search out the greatest looking tree and plant ourselves under for a bit and then explore for a few.  LOVE that summer is here!!!  
Sunshine is such a happy thing!

And on with the list...

(Warning:  This will make you just want to play all day and never sneak in a moment of work)

Create amazing artwork on your driveway with sidewalk chalk

Laugh as much as possible
Head to the park with a Frisbee and a watermelon
Run through the sprinklers

Grab your sidewalk chalk and enjoy a game of sidewalk Tic-Tac-Toe or Hang Man and don't forget to create your best HoP-ScoTch game...your kids will love to see you hoppin' with them!
Build a blanket fort
Visit the zoo
Get on that scooter and head out with your kiddos
Go on a hike
Build something together
Hit the drive-in movie, take sacks of hot popcorn and a blanket or two

Go for a ride in the car, windows down, hair blowing, music turned way up!
Feed the ducks
Go fishing
Play marbles on your porch
Blow bubbles

Go out and play in the rain, then head in for a day of puzzles
Enjoy a game of croquet or soccer in your yard
Take nature walks and really look for the beauty and wonder, taking time to point it out
Watch the sunset
Do a little star-gazing
Provide some water balloons and let the fun begin!
Dig in the dirt

Go to a lake, find a dock, head to the end and lay down looking into the water, talk about everything you see
Plant a garden and spend time there together
Have a hula-hooping contest

Have a tea party
Jump on the trampoline (go potty first, Momma!)
Lay under the trees and listen to the wind blowing through the leaves
Have a bug exploration day

Enjoy a game of capture the flag
Build a lemonade stand and hang out with your kiddos sippin’ on lemonade
Go bird watching
Build a firepit and use it as often as possible, for extra smiles, be sure to have a few marshmallows and a stick or two
Plant HUGE sunflowers and measure their heights

Find a creek and splash around in it
Take long walks in the evening
Make ice cream cones

Search for the wonders that surround you
Climb in your kids “fort” and hang out with them
Hit the pool…go ahead, put on your swimsuit and get in with them, it’ll be okay!
Go camping in your backyard
Climb that tree with your kids
Play a game of hide and seek
Find a hill and roll down it together

Hit the swing sets and see how high you can go
Kiss those sweet kiddos of yours each night and hug them as tight as you can every chance you get!

Wishing you each a magical summer with your families!

And we're off...
so many FUN things to do!!!