Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Still Alive & Kickin'

For those of you wondering if I've dropped off the face of the planet, never to worries, I am planning to find my way back in the very near future!
I have so many things to share,
so many beautiful things happening,
a few tough roads we've been traveling down
and some pretty fantastic insights I've gained through it all...

The biggest and the best:
Our beautiful daughter, Danielle, 
is spreading her wings, 
following her heart 
and chasing after her dreams...
On the 3rd of July, she will be leaving our family for 18 months while she serves a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I am so happy for her.  She has been called to the Baltimore, Maryland Mission.  I am thrilled that she will be able to touch the lives and hearts of so many ~
Baltimore, YOU are in for a treat...
this sweet girl of mine is a rare treasure and I am willing to share her with you, so treat her well.  :)

Before she takes off on her adventure, one of the top things on our list to do was FAMILY PHOTOS!!!
Tonight was a night of fun and laughter for our family as we headed out for our previously scheduled family photo shoot ~ to be held outside.  It was dumping buckets of rain as we were driving...a couple of my boys insisted that we should cancel and reschedule, but I was certain all would be well and that we could make this happen.
And guess what???

I was right, it was a perfectly wonderful evening!
Can't wait to share our photos with you just as soon as I see them...

I just have to say, my family is quite a spectacular sight!!!

Good night all...
Be ready for me, cause I am going to have post after post after post coming in the very near future.
(Smiles and winks!!!)