Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh no, What's Wrong???

Have you ever received one of "those phone calls"?
The one that upon answering the phone -- the first words out of your mouth are, "Are you okay, what's wrong?"

Just yesterday, I was blissfully returning from a fabulous field trip with my kiddos and settling in for a little writing time when one of "those" calls came in...Unfortunately from my husband!

After work, he and our oldest son decided to go tackle a mountain or two.  Things didn't work out quite as he expected.  I understand the need for adrenaline, I understand that these boys need to be boys (no matter their age), I just wish they could get that adrenaline rush in a little safer way; one that returns them just as they left.

Now I need to just add in that this is not the first time I've received this heart-stopping phone call...I have no NEED to feel this adrenaline rush, yet it is forced upon me by all these boys of mine!  I have to stop and catch my breath each time one of them is hurt (luckily there have been very few times, but not a one of them is good for my heart!) hubby and his motorcycle had a little spat mid-mountain;
Chad lost...
he is now toting around a fancy little set of crutches!
Nothing is broken, his pride took a pretty substantial hit...but is still intact...whew!!!
His knee is a little unhappy, but will be okay soon providing he will relax and stay off of it.
This is where I come in ~ if he won't stay put, I'll just have to plop myself right on his lap and keep him there against his will.  And he can't do a thing about it, hehehehe  :0)

In the past I have always told him that I am happy to give him all the attention he needs...again I gently reminded him that there are easier ways than hurting himself to have me attend his every need.

I'm beginning to think he must enjoy me hanging around and waiting on him hand and foot.  Is there something alluring about your wife "serving" you?  Hmmmm....I'm wondering if that could be an adrenaline rush in itself???  Gonna have to think about that one a little...

Speaking of waiting on him hand and foot...the most adorable thing happened last night...The little girls came in and whispered in my ear asking me to wake them up early so they could make breakfast and a little card for their Daddy ~ they asked their Daddy to sleep in a little so they could get up and do something tasty for him ~ then they turned back to me and whispered, "We need to be up early, so can you wake us up at 10:00?"   I just had to giggle ~ sweet little things!!!

Well, I've probably taken away enough time from this adorable man of I'm going to go back to doting on him and try to sneak in a few safe ideas for that much desired adrenaline fix he simply must have in life; wonder if he'll buy any of them???  Good thing I love him so much or I'd have to hurt him!!!