Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Message from Danielle :)

More news from Danielle this week...
I'm a little behind on posting her things, but we'll get caught up!
This week was super fun! 
We've been so busy lately! 
Lots and lots of people to be teaching :) 

Two of the funniest moments this week came while we were teaching about the Restoration
We were teaching a girl named Rosie who is 18 and sweet as could be. 
We told her about how after Christ died, how the church fell apart, but eventually God called another Prophet to put it all back together again. She had the most amazed look on her face. We asked her what she was thinking about and goes, "I NEVER KNEW THAT!"  

A few days later we were teaching Flora. She is 21 and has two little kids. We've tried to teach her the restoration a few times, but things have always gotten in the way (either family problems or busy kids running around) but we caught her on a good day and were able to sit down and teach her. When we got done we were talking and all of a sudden she goes, 
"What... is there a Prophet today?" 
yes Flora, 
we've been trying to tell you that for weeks! 
Haha she got so excited and we had a really awesome talk about it. 
Then, part way though she asks, "Does everyone know this?" 
Haha, yep, you're the last one to know Flora darling :) 
She's so funny. I love, love being around her. 

A few nights later we went over to her house and she had been cooking. 
African ladies are always cooking. 
But whatever she was making was so spicy that we were choking on the air! 
AND THEN she offered us some! 
So she dished us up some African fried rice, and it was so hot. 
4 Habenero (sp?) peppers in that stuff! 
My lips and ears and everything was burning! 
And she just laughed and laughed. 
To be fair, it was super yummy. 
Probably my favorite African food so far, but it was so hot. I thought I was going to die while eating it.  

Quote of the week!! 
(In a prayer from a 5 year old) 
"And thank you for the missionaries. And please bless them that they will come over everyday. and I love them and they are girls and I want them to come over everyday." 

Build relationships of trust? Check!

Have a Merry Christmas! Talk to you all soon!!! 
Sister Lytle